Honestly Speaking

A recent thread has popped up on the HomeschoolingWaldorf yahoo group about blogs. I have to say I started this blog for several reasons , One being that we are on a VERY tight budget and I wanted to help others that might be in the same boat as me. I wanted people to know they could teach Waldorf Education to their children without taking a second mortgage out on their house (for real a certain curriculum company asked me to do just that). I have a confession to make we don’t have Stockmar watercolor paints or watercolor paper for that matter . We can’t afford to buy a wooden flute for $90 then turn around and buy another one for third grade (because the first one is missing a few holes). Point ? I never started this blog to make anyone feel bad in any way about their own journey. This is my homeschooling journal only. I do not post what happens in between. I struggle to get up before my children. There are days I don’t feel like teaching. There are days my brain hurts from reading too much  Steiner and I just have to walk away. I struggle with memorizing stories (good thing Miss Sky doesn’t know the original). Sometimes we eat popcorn for dinner. There are days I don’t want to cook, I am very lucky my husband will. There are times I have locked myself in my room with a glass of wine while Papa listens to a story or takes the girls to the store. I have lost my temper and my children think I am nuts. I question myself all the time. I have another confession to make I am actually a VERY shy person. This blog was a huge step for me but I am so glad I did it. Homeschooling is hard ,it seems a lot of people would like to see us fail. Waldorf Homeschooling is hard I could have easily chose another path but then I would have missed out on my own healing and growth. There is so much negativity or as Melisa Nielsen
 says “a lot of poo slinging” all around us. I want my blog to be one of those that helps uplift  people not bring them down. Maybe this post can do just that. (Thank You Julia for the reminder)

Peace 🙂

PS  We had left over waffles tonight for dinner


4 Responses to “Honestly Speaking”

  1. Illya Gonzalez Says:

    Your blog has been very inspirational for me and I have gotten so many amazing tips from it. You’re doing an incredible job and please, please keep on going!
    Thanks for everything you have shared and provided.

  2. Julia Says:

    you’re welcome, and thanks again to you. I hope you don’t get in trouble with your dad.;-)

  3. Kara Says:

    You ROCK – you know that? thank you for your candor and for writing this post 🙂

    PS – we had strawberry rhubarb WITH ice cream for dinner *gasp* LOL

    Best wishes!

  4. mamaacorn Says:

    Thank you for your honesty!

    I also find your blog quite inspirational and very much appreciate your thrifty ways!

    And I’m having one of those “I’m not making dinner tonight” nights too!

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