Playing Catch-Up

Thank you guys for still wanting to swing by here after I aired my little secrets. I guess honesty is the best policy :). I really had to laugh yesterday because I had my crock pot going full of ham and beans as I read my e-mails. Our family’s hours are so crazy I “have” to cook two meals at once but I guess if someone didn’t know that they could get the  impression we eat all our meals that way. Dinner for us is leftovers or what we like to call free-for-alls.

To catch-up from these last few days we took our circle time outdoors. We have been blessed with such beautiful weather we could not resist. I set up a little obstacle course in the backyard. Miss Sky is still not jumping rope yet so I started by tieing one end of the rope to our clothes line and I held the other end. She practiced jumping over it while I held the rope still. Then I started to swing it back and forth while she jumped over it. She tried jumping rope on her own for a little bit then we moved to some other activities. Using hula hoops we  practiced jumping in one circle then out. We moved to jumping in with our right foot and jumping out on our left foot then we switched sides using our left foot first. She had problems using her left leg first and I had her practice a little longer. Then I put the two hoops together and we sang Little Bunny FooFoo while hopping forward through the hoops then backwards.

Next we marched across the balance beam then hopped through the hoops and skipped back to the beam while touching left hand to right knee and right hand to left knee. Next I brought out the basketball and had Miss Sky dribble using her right hand counting to ten then switching to her left. Once she got the hang of it I asked Miss Sky her spelling words while dribbling the ball. She spelled them forwards then backwards. She also practiced her form outside with sidewalk chalk then I made a big one on the driveway and Miss Sky walked it moving inward then moving outward. Yesterday Miss Sky practiced her spelling words and form drawing in cornmeal ,she also tried making this weeks form with her eyes closed.

 Tuesday for main lesson Miss Sky decided to put on a puppet play recounting the story of Joseph and she thought she was rather clever with her props.

She made her picture in her MLB and Wednesday I had her come up with her own summary.

I gave Miss Sky her vocabulary words for the week and she looked them up in the dictionary.











For grammar I wrote noun, verb, adjective, and adverb at the top of the board and Miss Sky practiced making sentences. First she came up with a noun like Dog. Then she added a verb like ran. Next she came up with an adjective Big dog ran, and last she added the adverb. The big dog ran quickly. She practiced making a few more sentences and she copied them in her MLB.

Today we painted a picture of the sunset Joseph might have seen on his journey to Egypt.

Miss Sky finished reading the story The Night Crossing and this story was the center of this weeks play.

The doll on the right she made recycling one of “my” cork tops 🙂 .I read to chapter 25 of Farmer Boy.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thursday !


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