A Day Of Many Colours

In honor of Joseph’s coat of many colours I thought we would try our hand at tie dyeing. This was a project I was going to do with The Little’s during our fiber block but we ran out of time. I have never tie dyed before and was a little intimidated at first until I stumbled across these directions.http://www.kinderart.com/textiles/easytiedye.shtml The Little’s picked out their colours.  Little Sis is on a red kick right now so she of course had to pick bright red (which didn’t turn out as bad as the package colour). We started by rubber banding our shirts.

Then placed them in the pot to sit for about 40 minutes.

During this time Miss Sky took her spelling test and made this weeks form in her MLB. I also read the next 2 chapters of Farmer Boy. Then we anxiously went into the kitchen to see how our shirts turned out.

(I think they are catching on to why I take so many pictures) I really like how these turned out and am *very* excited to try this again.

For today’s baking project I surprised the Little’s with their most favorite cookie recipe, gingerbread cookies. I can not cut these out fast enough because they want to eat all the dough. I divided the icing into three colours and The Little’s went to work decorating the cookies that made it out of the oven.

Next week we will be talking about Moses.

Wishing everyone beautiful weather and a great weekend.


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