Thoughts About Oblivion

What a beautiful weekend we were blessed with, plenty of sunshine and the temperature was perfect. Though due to the frost advisory unfortunately we were unable to plant our garden. This did however give me a chance to start reading my new book I have had on my wish list for quite some time, Teaching As A Lively Art by Marjorie Spock. Not that I don’t have enough to read (does anyone else have 5 books going at once?) but I came across a statement Mrs. Spock made  about main lesson and why Waldorf Education studies a subject for 4-6 weeks then lets it rest. “When the teacher working with the Waldorf plan turns from one subject field to another, he chooses the subject that is in his estimation offers the most refreshing contrast possible. In the meantime the experiences reaped from the subject temporarily dropped from the curriculum are allowed to sink into seeming oblivion. But in reality they lie in a state of fallow resting from which they will one day spring up with greater vigor in a riper form.”  Ok when first discovering Waldorf I have to say after being “trained” to what I thought education was this was really hard for me. We don’t tell the children the moral of the story , we let them sleep on information , and we let the subject sink into oblivion? How on earth are they going to remember anything? You know, somehow they just do. So many times if you were to quiz Miss Sky about a topic we *just* studied she would give you a look of bewilderment. Then months later she will come to me and say “Mom you remember when we talked about XYZ?” Then it is my turn to give her the look. It is so hard to explain to someone who doesn’t follow the Waldorf method how it works , but once you do take the plunge you will never think the same of education again. Wow that is some heavy thinking from my brain on a Monday.

 Well after meditating on what I had read over the weekend Papa made pancakes with bacon for breakfast. He also made hamburger soup last night for dinner (lucky me) and taking notes from his wonderful , intelligent wife 🙂 he doubled the meat for me to make chilli (in the crock pot)for today’s lunch. After morning clean up I called The Little’s to circle we sang our morning songs and said our movement verses then headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. Now that the weather is nicer we will probably be taking more walks for circle time only doing our seasonal songs and fingerplays when it rains.

After our walk we worked on lesson 16 with our penny whistles and Papa had some math problems wrote on the board for her to solve.

Today’s main lesson was all about Moses. I unveiled my drawing and told Miss Sky the story.

Next I gave Miss Sky this weeks spelling words.
















Miss Sky marched them out then we broke each word down finding any hidden words and she copied them twice in her MLB.

Instead of grammar this week Miss Sky copied the first three commandments down in cursive and she will be reciting the ten commandments from memory at the end of next week.

I showed Miss Sky this weeks form tieing it into the story how the Hebrews crossed the red sea. We first practiced in the air then on each others backs.

We finished main lesson with modeling the burning bush with beeswax.

After lunch Miss Sky read the first two chapters from Tornado by Besty Byars and I finished Farmer Boy. Miss Sky was so excited Almanzo finally got his colt. She *loves* horses and all through the book she kept saying “that would be so hard not able to pet the horses”.


Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


One Response to “Thoughts About Oblivion”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! Love your chalkboard drawing! We’re studying Moses and the ten commandments right now too.

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