This Is The Way We Plant Our Seeds

The last few days we have spent outside working in our garden.

Besides our usual crop this year there are a few projects I wanted to get started for our last block of the year . We will be ending our third grade year with a math block on linear measurement which will take my pioneer family outdoors. Yesterday The Little’s helped plant sunflower seeds which will become one of Miss Sky’s measuring projects. The other’s include egg seedlings,(It’s a surprise)

and growing a potato and bean plant. 

Today was our homeschool skate so this morning was a quick breakfast of leftovers. Once home we started main lesson with Miss Sky writing her summary. Yesterday she recounted the story of Moses with a puppet play and made a picture in her MLB.

Yesterday she alphabetized her spelling words and today she practiced her words and this weeks form in cornmeal. Then Miss Sky looked up the rest of this weeks vocabulary words in her dictionary.











She also finished copying the ten commandments in cursive.

We called it a day with Miss Sky finishing the story Tornado and I read to chapter 7 of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Wishing everyone a blessed day!


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