Haystacks And Babies

Well I knew the beautiful sunshine could not last forever and I guess we do need the rain. So with The Little’s spending the day indoors (the first time in weeks) I thought today would be a good day to work on some handwork. This morning for breakfast I fixed potato cakes, sausage, and eggs and we started on morning clean up.

I called The Little’s to circle and we sang our morning songs and said prayer then headed into the schoolroom for Miss Sky to take her spelling test and to draw her form in her MLB.

It was time for our baking project. This week we made haystacks. http://www.recipezaar.com/recipe/Haystacks-39870 This is like my recipe but we add 2 TBSPs peanut butter also.

Next we moved on to our handwork project. As soon as I saw these sock dolls I knew I wanted to make them with The Little’s, http://daniellesplace.com/html/SockCraftsforKids.html#baby  and decided the baby would fit in well with this weeks story. Well even though I had socks on my list of supplies needed from the store I somehow walked out without them, so we used knee highs instead.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow and Miss Sky was able to make her own. These were a big hit and I see more in our future.

Even though we are weeks late, next week we will be studying the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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