Pesah (Passover)

Ok call me a nerd if you will but this weekend our family went on the spring “buy local” farm tour put on by our local farmers market.  I could not contain my excitement, as I approached one of the farms my eyes were instantly drawn to the green radiating from one of the farmers booths. “SPINACH” Oh sweet mother of pearl , could it be a mirage? No it really was spinach , I felt like Ralphy from A Christmas Story when he was outside the department store window. His eyes wide with envy as he checked out the “Red Ryder carbon-action, 200-shot range model air rifle BB gun”. Only this could not shoot my eye out. It has been several months since our family has had something green on our plates and I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by. So it looks like spinach feta quiche is back on the menu boy.

This morning I made banana coffee cake for breakfast . Since we would have pita pizzas for lunch today ,we got started on morning clean up then I called The Little’s to circle. It looks like the rain is going to be staying awhile so we are back indoors for this weeks circle time.

We’ll All Join In A Circle


Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things -Lazy eights eye tracking verse

Raindrops fingerplay

My Garden fingerplay

This Is The Way We Plant Our Seeds

Little Peter Rabbit

Little Bunny Foofoo

This week we are learning a Maypole song on our penny whistles thanks to Miss Jodie Mesler. It can be found on her blog. 

Miss Sky practiced math problems I had written out on the board taking a little break from her times tables. I am not worried about having them all memorized this year. Miss Sky has made tremendous progress in her math skills this year and there is plenty of time for her to “catch up”.

For main lesson this week we are studying the Jewish holiday of Passover. Today I read Pesah, A Season of Freedom and Breaking Out from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays then I gave Miss Sky this weeks spelling words.
















We marched out the spelling of each word. Miss Sky is getting really good at finding the hidden words now and is starting to spell them out to me without looking at the board, like beg inn ing. Next she copied them twice in her MLB.

Miss Sky marched in place while memorizing the ten commandments and we worked on this weeks form drawing. First in the air with our right finger then using our left. We ended practicing on each others backs.

Today for reading Miss Sky read the first 2 chapters of The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla and I read to chapter 10 of Little House on the Prairie.


Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


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