It’s Raining Buckets

Well our family has finally got us a rain barrel. This has been one of those things we have been looking at for a while. I can’t believe our luck as to how we happened to come across it , now we can water our garden without using city water. The last few days we have been very blessed with rain but today we got to try out our new watering system. We gathered 4 buckets ranging in sizes from Papa Bear all the way to Baby bear and each took turns filling our buckets with water to feed  our “little babies” as Little Sis likes to say. The Little’s thought this was so cool and Miss Sky said she knows now how Almanzo felt even though our garden is no where near the size that he had. Between the 4 of us it took maybe 15 minutes ,about the same amount of time it would take dear Papa to unwind the hose and spray the garden down and wind the hose back up. I am pretty excited to see  just how well this works and happy to yet find one more way to help do our part as Stewards of the Earth.

Today for breakfast Papa made eggs, and bacon while I helped make toast. I also chopped veggies to make minestrone soup for our lunch. After clean up we spent circle time weeding and watering our garden. Miss Sky learned from our Native American block the Hopi talk and sing to each of their plants so she has been serenading our plants to see if we yield a better crop this year. I have to say it hasn’t hurt :).

Yesterday for main lesson we talked about the seder plate and how each food represents a piece of the passover story. We also talked about how the Jew’s celebrate this reliving of history. Today Miss Sky made a summary in her MLB.

 I gave Miss Sky this weeks vocabulary words and had her alphabetize her list.











She finished looking up the rest of them today in her dictionary.

Yesterday she practiced her spelling words and this weeks form in cornmeal. She worked on her form using both hands and then made it with her eyes closed. Today she worked on it outside with chalk and she practiced her spelling words both forwards and backwards.

She has the ten commandments memorized for Friday and tomorrow we hope to write them out in Hebrew. We finished our school day with Miss Sky reading to chapter 7 of the Chalk Box Kid and I read to chapter 16 of Little House on the Prairie.



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