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Another Test

May 28, 2010

Well as I have mentioned it sure has been a full week and have to say I am really glad today is Friday. I have started to write this post many times and deleted, prayed some more and thought what the heck, to be honest I could use some prayers and positive energy sent our way. Once again our family is being put through another test and sweet Papa’s name has been added to the ever-growing list of the unemployed.

I am really glad we are so close to being done with our school year because I sure have had a hard time focusing on this weeks lessons. I by all means don’t want this post to come as a “oh poor me post” because I do have faith that when one door closes another one always opens. No our family is looking at this as a new adventure.

The whole reason we bought the house we have now was to be near our oldest (who will be 20 Saturday ,man time sure does fly) but she soon will be moving out-of-state starting an adventure of her own ,so this makes for a lot more open doors.

I just wanted to post something because as our family transitions through these new changes I may not be updating my blog as much and as to the reason why.

Again prayers and positive energy are most welcome 🙂

Wishing all many blessings for a wonderful Memorial day weekend.



Lessons, Thrifting, and Videos

May 27, 2010

Well It sure has been a full week and we have just reached the middle of the road. Our lesson block on measurement kicked off with me explaining to Miss Sky how “Man is the measure of all things”, and I unveiled my chalkboard drawing.

First starting with Old Testament measurement each of us traced our cubit, span, and foot on a piece of paper. We cut them out then went around the house measuring different items and writing down our measurements. It did not take Miss Sky very long  to realize our measurements were different because I was bigger than her. This led  to me explaining how the Pharaoh of Egypt came up with the royal cubit to be the standard measurement for his land and I just happened to have a royal cubit scepter. Miss Sky went around the house measuring different items with the royal cubit.

She made a page in her MLB. 

We did the same thing with our span. For handwriting practice I had Miss Sky copy both the Egyptian golden rule and the Hebrew’s.

I found it very interesting when researching the golden rule , I did not realize that a translation can be found in the majority of all religious scripts.

 Miss Sky is working on memorizing We Have A Little Garden by Beatrix Potter for her end of the year memory work.

We also did the experiment to see if our body was the same length as our arm span.

Using a piece of string we measured out our arm length then cut it and measured our height. We found out that it is true each of our measurements turned out to be the same height as our arm span. I explained how in pioneer times if people knew how tall they were they could measure how big an item was with their arm length.

We were hoping to measure the ark out today but instead decided to go thrift shopping for some of Miss Sky’s books. It never turns out to be a wasted trip. I always find some real jewels and today was no exception.

The Little’s being way to excited by their new finds we settled for just storytime leaving more time to play in their new attire.

Miss Sky finished The Littles to the Rescue and today read The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward. I read to chapter 12 of On The Banks Of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


As for myself I spent way to much time on YouTube diving into past videos of Pink Floyd, Queen , and The Beatles which brought me to this video.

<a href=”“>

We Miss you Aunt Laura 🙂



May 25, 2010

Oh boy I have been thinking again. 🙂

Carrie over at Natural Mom’s Talk Radio interviewed David Burton maker of the movie Ingreedients. You can find her podcast here.

You can also go to his website to see the trailer of the movie.

Looks to be very interesting.

Snapping Beans

May 22, 2010

As I look back over past blog posts I have noticed I seem to write about the seasons and how each one happens to be my favorite. Well I can’t help it, I think there “is” something special about each one,something that connects me to nature or to the women from generations past. I get these feelings every time I work out in the garden, when I am elbows deep in flour kneading bread,while I am hanging laundry out to dry, or hear the sound of Papa’s ax out back splitting firewood.

Springtime brings with it many things but one of my favorites has to be the sound of snapping beans.

There is something so meditative about using ones hands to service others, and I can see why the hands play such an important part in the Waldorf curriculum. I am also very happy to be along on my children’s journey of discovering this out for themself.

Today we brought our Old Testament block to a close with Miss Sky’s last spelling test of the year. She also made her last form drawing as a third grader in her MLB. Today The Little’s and I decided to make peanut butter cookies for our baking day just because they sounded good.

  Miss Sky read to chapter 7 of The Little’s to the Rescue while the cookie dough chilled.

Yesterday ,due to all the rain we’ve had lately, We made a big bowl of popcorn and snuggled up while I read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I think this will be a great series to read over the summer, something that we “all” can just let our minds get lost into and enjoy the beautiful land of Oz that Mr. Baum created.

Today the rain had finally came to an end and even though the day was still dark and gloomy, The Little’s were tickled pink to find out some gnomes had moved into our backyard.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Next week will be our last block of third grade (Yay). We will be doing a math block on linear measurement.

Fingers And Toes

May 20, 2010

Well there I was last night listening to lecture 5 of Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner up way to late when he started to talk about using your fingers and toes to count.

Now I have listened to this lecture before and it never fails that I walk away with something that I must have over looked ( I think I was more focused on the whole to parts thing). Anyway I could not help but laugh because this was how I taught Miss Sky how to add. It wasn’t until she started school that this became a problem. I was told that using fingers to count was discouraged because it slowed you down during drills (and using plastic teddy bears to count with is way faster). Ok I can understand where this could be a problem say in 5th grade(even though I still use my fingers at times) but not in kindergarten.

The way Steiner explains it  a child needs movement to help trigger memory and even stated that children who were able to use their fingers and toes to count would be more flexible in their joints later in life. So I have encouraged Miss Sky to go ahead and count away on her fingers when she needs to and told her she can thank me for it later.

Today was our last homeschooling skate of the school year so this ment left overs for breakfast and lunch today. I snapped a few pictures while she was warming up before her friends showed up.

She has really improved since we started going a year ago and it brings back SO many memories from childhood when I watch her. Little Sis still will have nothing to do with skates ,she says she will try when she turns 5.

So today after lunch we started  main lesson with Miss Sky writing her summary in her MLB. Yesterday she retold the story by acting it out and I have to say I think this was probably the funniest of all our retellings yet. Miss Sky was David , Little Sis was Samuel, and the sheep. I played all 7 of David’s brothers and Goliath and really enjoyed slinging the sword around for once. Then Miss Sky drew her picture.

Yesterday I also gave Miss Sky her last third grade vocabulary list ,she alphabetized her list and looked up the first 5 words in the dictionary. She finished looking the rest up today.











She is looking them up now without any help and next year I will have her write out the definitions.

Yesterday Miss Sky practiced her spelling words and form drawing in cornmeal, and today we played hangman with her spelling words using bananagrams.

She practiced her form on her mini chalkboard using both hands and with her eyes closed.

Miss Sky finished The Little’s yesterday and read to chapter 4 of The Littles to the Rescue by John Peterson today. She is really liking this series (it was a favorite of mine too) and I have caught her reading ahead which makes me smile. I am on chapter 12 of The Wizard of Oz and “we” (I love it)can not get enough. It has been requested at bedtime too.  Has anyone read more of the series? I am wondering if we should read the next book.

Wishing everyone many blessings.

Cadmium Again

May 19, 2010

Ok I posted this once but I guess it takes Walmart 3 months to pull items off their shelves.

Pesticides Linked to ADHD

May 18, 2010

One of many reasons why our yard is the only one on the block with dandelions.

From Shepherd Boy To King

May 18, 2010

Well I have to say for once I am glad for the rain this day has brought with it. I knew today with Miss Sky not being able to go outside I would have her attention. After my week of meditation and prayer I have come to the conclusion this will be our last Old Testament story. I wanted to get to Queen Ester but due to our week off from main lesson we have fallen behind. So I think I will save her for grade 5 to go along with the ancient civilizations block of Persia. I still feel confident with the stories we did cover this year and it has been interesting to see which ones appealed most to Miss Sky and how much I myself learned about the Old Testament and the Jewish culture.

I was raised with these stories so they were not new to me but this year I stopped looking at them from the angle of “Bible” stories and focused on them as the history of the Jewish people. So many new things had been revealed to me and I am really glad to have done this block.

This morning for breakfast I made waffles and bacon. I pulled out the round steak and started the rice for today’s lunch of beef and broccoli stir-fry. Miss Sky volunteered to help with clean up and then I called The Little’s to circle. It has been awhile since we have had a formal circle but we fell right back into our rhythm with this weeks line up.

We’ll All Join In A Circle


Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things eye tracking poem

This Is The Way We Plant Our Seeds

Raindrops fingerplay

My Garden Fingerplay

There Was A Little Turtle fingerplay (This was a huge hit with Little Sis)

Five Little Tadpoles

The Fuzzy Caterpillar sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider (another hit)

We worked on lesson 17 with our pennywhistle and can not believe we only have 3 more lessons to go. It was neat to see penny whistles being sold at our local living history museum and I am really glad we learned how to play this piece of history.

For main lesson today I told the story of a shepherd boys journey of becoming king,

and unveiled my drawing

I started with a mini review of our stories past and gave a brief history of who Samuel was. I also brought the story to a close with how eventually the rule of kings had become crooked and God allowed His great city to fall. Miss Sky made a very interesting remark “I sure would not want to be God, because it would make me so mad that people keep turning their backs on me.” This led into a conversation about how many people in our Old Testament stories were not perfect. That they had many flaws but God still loved them and used them to be a part of his plan.

We moved on to Miss Sky’s last spelling list for third grade.
















She marched out the spelling of each word and found any hidden words. Then she wrote them out twice each. We practiced this weeks form drawing first in the air with her right finger then her left, then on each others backs.

Next we modeled a sling and some stones with beeswax.

 I bought Miss Sky a word search to practice with for the summer and I have had her working on the puzzles then writing out the words she is looking for in cursive and alphabetizing them.

After lunch Miss Sky read to chapter 9 of The Littles and I read to chapter 5 of The Wizard of Oz and called it a day.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday.

Civil War on the Prairie

May 16, 2010

One of the things I love about homeschooling is all the learning opportunities that take place “outside”  the classroom. Having a chance to see history not just read about it ,and I really like when you can kill two birds with one stone. A trip to our local living history museum was planned this year as part of our Native American lessons but with this weekend being civil war days on the prairie I knew it was the perfect time to go.

Each member of this family has our favorite time in history and the civil war just happens to be Papa’s.

Now of course The Little’s can’t grasp exactly what this war really ment to our country but I would be lying if I said Miss Sky had never heard of it.

Besides this is part of the pioneer times and there is so much more to learn then the battle.

Miss Sky got to sing Old Dan Tucker with the confederates and help tan a deer hide. I also forgot to mention Miss Sky got to help spin wool on a real spindle, which was much different from our drop spindle.Yes it was another very exciting day of school.

Homemade Dog Treats

May 14, 2010

Well in honor of yesterday’s post The Little’s and I decided today for our baking day we would make our dog Harvey a treat for once.

I used the recipe found here http://down—to—

We have made these before for Harvey’s gift this past Christmas and he enjoyed them very much.  The recipe makes a pretty big batch so we keep out just enough for the week and freeze the rest.

I am really excited to try out her recipe for dog food next  http://down—to— and bet that Harvey can’t wait either.

Wishing all a happy weekend.

Next week lessons should resume with the study of David.