That’s Not Kosher

Thank goodness for Friday’s. I have to admit I really look forward to them. Not just because it’s the end of the work week, or the last day of school and my brain gets a day off but because it is Papa’s and my date night. Which for us means “movie night”. Yes after The Little’s are safely tucked away in bed. The T.V. gets plugged in and the sound of a cork popping can be heard coming from the other room. (For my local readers we found a nice little winery tucked away . There is more than corn here). Papa and I take turns each week picking out what movie we want to watch and tonight it is my turn. I do have a favorite actor. One to me that reeked with class that is just unheard of anymore, and I am on a mission to see every film he ever made. Well tonight’s choice is one of my favorites, Harvey and yes my favorite actor is Jimmie Stewart. I can’t think of  better way I would want to spend a Friday night, watching my favorite actor while sitting next to my favorite guy.

This morning I finished up our last batch of spinach making spinach,ham,and cheddar cheese Quiche for breakfast. After clean up I called The Little’s for a short circle where Miss Sky recited the ten commandments. Then she took her spelling test and made this weeks form in her MLB.

It was time for this weeks baking project. Our family has a new addiction and I thought it would fit in perfect with this weeks lesson, even though it would not be allowed for passover. Yesterday I hung the yogurt in cheese cloth to be ready for today and The Littles got started. While they measured out the ingredients I gave Miss Sky a brief history of the bagel and how Jewish immigrants brought it to the United States with the first bakery opening in New York.

During the first rest Miss Sky finished reading The Chalk Box Kid.  Then The Little’s and I went into the kitchen to form the bagels.I read the story The Carp in the Bathtub from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays during the second rest. It was time to finish making our bagels and Miss Sky helped with the boiling.While Little Sis helped with the egg wash.All that was left was to eat them.

Next week we will be talking about the only prophet we are studying this year Elijah.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mayday.


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