A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

So what do you do when a friend, that Miss Sky has known since she was 2, shows up? I knew I would not get 100 % out of her so we compromised yesterday with a day of math review, working out in the garden, and storytime. Then her very good friend who is now 10 came over for a playdate.  At first things always seem to start out a little awkward, with her friend attending public school and our family being Waldorf and homeschooling. There is always a competition between the two trying to find out who is smarter and then (remember we are talking first half hour here) there is the dreadful conversations that I as a mother try so hard to protect my children from. Usually like “So Sky have you seen this or heard that?” With the quick reply of” no we don’t watch television” and things are dropped. This time however the conversation started with my mouth dropping to the floor.

Setting the scene ,two little girls one 10 and one 9 sitting on a porch swing with Mama in the bedroom nearest the back yard(with windows open) folding laundry. “So Sky have you seen Lady Gaga’s new video?” OMGoodness surly I did not hear right. I turned and  started for the door to quickly censor their conversation. Then a thought ran through my mind. I am not always going to be an ear shot away from all my daughters conversations. What if she were visiting the friend’s house instead? I must have faith in the choice Papa and I have made on how we would raise our children and continued to eavesdrop (while folding laundry).

 Miss Sky replied with ” No we don’t watch television, who is she?” “Only the best singer in the world.” Which Miss Sky quickly shot out” I don’t think so because Patsy Cline is the best singer in the world.” “Who is Patsy Cline?” “YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO PATSY CLINE IS?” Well this continued awhile back and forth with the two of them coming to an agreement that they both were wrong and decided to come in and get dressed up to play Peter Pan.

 I did it , I managed to stay calm. I feel like I passed some kind of test deserving something made with sugar for a prize. Oh I know this is just the beginning of many more tests to come, but for now I can take joy in the fact that my child’s innocence was spared for yet a little while longer in a world that has its mind set on rapidly producing “mini” adults.

Moving on to today’s lessons. Due to voting day we did not have circle time but instead went right into main lesson with me unveiling this weeks drawing. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18345185@N04/4576709760/ Then I told the story of the prophet Elijah. http://www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=steedman&book=nurserybible&story=elijah

Next I gave Miss Sky this weeks spelling words.
















She marched while spelling out each word, then she broke the words down finding any other words like vo ice. She wrote them out twice in her MLB.

We worked on this weeks form with me tieing it into the story of Elijah being whisked up in a whirlwind. First in the air with our right hand then our left. Next on each others backs. http://www.millennialchild.com/Slideshows/Resources/Grade02FormDrawing_files/page26-1003-full.html

We modeled the flaming chariot with beeswax http://www.flickr.com/photos/18345185@N04/4579453637/ and called it a day with Miss Sky reading to chapter 5 of Absolutely Lucy by Ilene Cooper and I read to chapter 20 of Little House on the Prairie.

Wishing everyone a great day.


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