Thoughts To Ponder (IMMHO)

I have been told I think too much. Hey what can you expect , it just kinda happens when you become unplugged. So what has been on my mind lately(and do you really care to know)? I was reading a blog post from my most favorite cookbook author (and no I am  unfortunately not on her payroll).  When those wheels in my brain started to turn. When we first brought our dog Harvey into our family it was only fair that he should receive the same quality of food that our family eats. At his first vet appointment I explained to them that we are a very holistic family and were interested in finding out what foods would be best to feed him for us to make our own dog food? I wish I could input a picture of the vets face but I didn’t happen to have my camera that day. She told me that was not possible and recommended the top 3 selling dogs foods which of course were being advertised all over their office. You can only guess how excited I am to find out that indeed I am not crazy(some may still argue that *wink wink*) .That even though pets have been around for thousands of years (didn’t Egyptians have cats?) and with Purina only starting in 1894 they have somehow managed to survive this long.

 Needless to say I can’t wait to read this book and can finally feel confident that our new member of the family is now going to get the same treatment as the rest of us.

So what other thoughts are going through my mind? Why do we still get cavities with all the fluoride treatments out on the market, and why are the majority(I know not all because we are one) of  low-income families facing obesity?

From my brain to yours Peace.


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