From Shepherd Boy To King

Well I have to say for once I am glad for the rain this day has brought with it. I knew today with Miss Sky not being able to go outside I would have her attention. After my week of meditation and prayer I have come to the conclusion this will be our last Old Testament story. I wanted to get to Queen Ester but due to our week off from main lesson we have fallen behind. So I think I will save her for grade 5 to go along with the ancient civilizations block of Persia. I still feel confident with the stories we did cover this year and it has been interesting to see which ones appealed most to Miss Sky and how much I myself learned about the Old Testament and the Jewish culture.

I was raised with these stories so they were not new to me but this year I stopped looking at them from the angle of “Bible” stories and focused on them as the history of the Jewish people. So many new things had been revealed to me and I am really glad to have done this block.

This morning for breakfast I made waffles and bacon. I pulled out the round steak and started the rice for today’s lunch of beef and broccoli stir-fry. Miss Sky volunteered to help with clean up and then I called The Little’s to circle. It has been awhile since we have had a formal circle but we fell right back into our rhythm with this weeks line up.

We’ll All Join In A Circle


Good Morning Dear Earth

I Can Turn Myself

I Wake Myself

Chip Chop

Lovely Things eye tracking poem

This Is The Way We Plant Our Seeds

Raindrops fingerplay

My Garden Fingerplay

There Was A Little Turtle fingerplay (This was a huge hit with Little Sis)

Five Little Tadpoles

The Fuzzy Caterpillar sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider (another hit)

We worked on lesson 17 with our pennywhistle and can not believe we only have 3 more lessons to go. It was neat to see penny whistles being sold at our local living history museum and I am really glad we learned how to play this piece of history.

For main lesson today I told the story of a shepherd boys journey of becoming king,

and unveiled my drawing

I started with a mini review of our stories past and gave a brief history of who Samuel was. I also brought the story to a close with how eventually the rule of kings had become crooked and God allowed His great city to fall. Miss Sky made a very interesting remark “I sure would not want to be God, because it would make me so mad that people keep turning their backs on me.” This led into a conversation about how many people in our Old Testament stories were not perfect. That they had many flaws but God still loved them and used them to be a part of his plan.

We moved on to Miss Sky’s last spelling list for third grade.
















She marched out the spelling of each word and found any hidden words. Then she wrote them out twice each. We practiced this weeks form drawing first in the air with her right finger then her left, then on each others backs.

Next we modeled a sling and some stones with beeswax.

 I bought Miss Sky a word search to practice with for the summer and I have had her working on the puzzles then writing out the words she is looking for in cursive and alphabetizing them.

After lunch Miss Sky read to chapter 9 of The Littles and I read to chapter 5 of The Wizard of Oz and called it a day.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday.


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