Fingers And Toes

Well there I was last night listening to lecture 5 of Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner up way to late when he started to talk about using your fingers and toes to count.

Now I have listened to this lecture before and it never fails that I walk away with something that I must have over looked ( I think I was more focused on the whole to parts thing). Anyway I could not help but laugh because this was how I taught Miss Sky how to add. It wasn’t until she started school that this became a problem. I was told that using fingers to count was discouraged because it slowed you down during drills (and using plastic teddy bears to count with is way faster). Ok I can understand where this could be a problem say in 5th grade(even though I still use my fingers at times) but not in kindergarten.

The way Steiner explains it  a child needs movement to help trigger memory and even stated that children who were able to use their fingers and toes to count would be more flexible in their joints later in life. So I have encouraged Miss Sky to go ahead and count away on her fingers when she needs to and told her she can thank me for it later.

Today was our last homeschooling skate of the school year so this ment left overs for breakfast and lunch today. I snapped a few pictures while she was warming up before her friends showed up.

She has really improved since we started going a year ago and it brings back SO many memories from childhood when I watch her. Little Sis still will have nothing to do with skates ,she says she will try when she turns 5.

So today after lunch we started  main lesson with Miss Sky writing her summary in her MLB. Yesterday she retold the story by acting it out and I have to say I think this was probably the funniest of all our retellings yet. Miss Sky was David , Little Sis was Samuel, and the sheep. I played all 7 of David’s brothers and Goliath and really enjoyed slinging the sword around for once. Then Miss Sky drew her picture.

Yesterday I also gave Miss Sky her last third grade vocabulary list ,she alphabetized her list and looked up the first 5 words in the dictionary. She finished looking the rest up today.











She is looking them up now without any help and next year I will have her write out the definitions.

Yesterday Miss Sky practiced her spelling words and form drawing in cornmeal, and today we played hangman with her spelling words using bananagrams.

She practiced her form on her mini chalkboard using both hands and with her eyes closed.

Miss Sky finished The Little’s yesterday and read to chapter 4 of The Littles to the Rescue by John Peterson today. She is really liking this series (it was a favorite of mine too) and I have caught her reading ahead which makes me smile. I am on chapter 12 of The Wizard of Oz and “we” (I love it)can not get enough. It has been requested at bedtime too.  Has anyone read more of the series? I am wondering if we should read the next book.

Wishing everyone many blessings.


2 Responses to “Fingers And Toes”

  1. Angela Mellon Says:

    We are reading the Wizard of Oz series as well. The set was given to us years ago and this is our fourth time through it. It is wonderful, I suggest you keep on going.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thank You Angela,
      I think we will give the next one a go because I want to know what happends next. 🙂

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