Snapping Beans

As I look back over past blog posts I have noticed I seem to write about the seasons and how each one happens to be my favorite. Well I can’t help it, I think there “is” something special about each one,something that connects me to nature or to the women from generations past. I get these feelings every time I work out in the garden, when I am elbows deep in flour kneading bread,while I am hanging laundry out to dry, or hear the sound of Papa’s ax out back splitting firewood.

Springtime brings with it many things but one of my favorites has to be the sound of snapping beans.

There is something so meditative about using ones hands to service others, and I can see why the hands play such an important part in the Waldorf curriculum. I am also very happy to be along on my children’s journey of discovering this out for themself.

Today we brought our Old Testament block to a close with Miss Sky’s last spelling test of the year. She also made her last form drawing as a third grader in her MLB. Today The Little’s and I decided to make peanut butter cookies for our baking day just because they sounded good.

  Miss Sky read to chapter 7 of The Little’s to the Rescue while the cookie dough chilled.

Yesterday ,due to all the rain we’ve had lately, We made a big bowl of popcorn and snuggled up while I read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I think this will be a great series to read over the summer, something that we “all” can just let our minds get lost into and enjoy the beautiful land of Oz that Mr. Baum created.

Today the rain had finally came to an end and even though the day was still dark and gloomy, The Little’s were tickled pink to find out some gnomes had moved into our backyard.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Next week will be our last block of third grade (Yay). We will be doing a math block on linear measurement.


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