Another Test

Well as I have mentioned it sure has been a full week and have to say I am really glad today is Friday. I have started to write this post many times and deleted, prayed some more and thought what the heck, to be honest I could use some prayers and positive energy sent our way. Once again our family is being put through another test and sweet Papa’s name has been added to the ever-growing list of the unemployed.

I am really glad we are so close to being done with our school year because I sure have had a hard time focusing on this weeks lessons. I by all means don’t want this post to come as a “oh poor me post” because I do have faith that when one door closes another one always opens. No our family is looking at this as a new adventure.

The whole reason we bought the house we have now was to be near our oldest (who will be 20 Saturday ,man time sure does fly) but she soon will be moving out-of-state starting an adventure of her own ,so this makes for a lot more open doors.

I just wanted to post something because as our family transitions through these new changes I may not be updating my blog as much and as to the reason why.

Again prayers and positive energy are most welcome 🙂

Wishing all many blessings for a wonderful Memorial day weekend.



2 Responses to “Another Test”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Positive thoughts and prayers your way! We’ve been there too and can relate.

  2. Plain and Joyful Living Says:

    Praying for your family – may you find peace even during the challenges.
    Warm wishes. Tonya

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