“And That’s A Wrap !”

Oh so much to do in so little time, but Miss Sky’s brain has left for summer vacation. I have to say I am pretty pleased how third grade played out.  I had every intention to complete the rest of our math block but having Papa home full-time has really threw our rhythm off making it difficult for any of us to focus. I still hope to measure out the ark at our next park visit and maybe compare it with Miss Sky’s new-found interest of the Titanic. We still also have a backyard campout in the works if the rain would hold off for 24 hours, other than that I am calling it a wrap while we finish up our end of the year project.

It was time for our pioneer family to visit the general store to get some fabric to make our handwork project. I explained to Miss Sky how in the pioneer days the merchant measured out a “cloth-yard” by stretching the fabric out in his arm from nose to thumbtip. We each took turns seeing how close the measurements were to “todays” yard.

Both of us were about a half yard short of the precise measurement.

Next Miss Sky measured

and cut out 9 5×5 inch blocks

to make her pillow.

She layed out her design and stitched the first two blocks together while I read On The Banks Of Plum Creek. We are almost finished and Papa has enjoyed being able to sit in during storytime.

I still hold the same rhythm during summer keeping with storytime and handwork but allow our main lesson topics to “sink into seeming oblivion”.

We ended our math block with Miss Sky making her own ruler.

I wanted to wood burn the numbers on but our wood burner decided to go on a permanent vacation so she decorated her ruler however she wanted.

While looking back over her MLBs I asked what was her favorite part of third grade. She replied ” It is hard to just pick one thing because I REALLY liked third grade, but I enjoyed our pioneer (math) blocks because I like working in the kitchen with you” (words that went straight to my heart ,gulp).

I think I will make a separate post on what our favorite resources were for those of you getting ready to journey down this road next year, but for now I am headed outside to enjoy the sunshine releasing third grade out into the universe before the next thunderstorm hits.

Wishing you all a wonderful “wrap” to your school year. Peace


2 Responses to ““And That’s A Wrap !””

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Oh, how sweet! We might be on summer break, but we sure are keeping busy cooking, gardening, swimming and crafting. I think I’m enjoying these summer lessons just as much as the planned out lessons. Happy summer to you!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thank You, wishing you and your family a happy summer too. I know what you mean , I don’t really see school as ever being “over” like your Little’s mine are keeping themselves busy and Sky has already started her summer reading.

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