Calling All Locals From Indy

A local Waldorf Mama has put together a summer solstice celebration trying to gather all us local Waldorfians :). Here is her info, if interested leave a comment bellow and I will send your request her way. I myself am looking forward to this adventure of starting a Waldorf movement here in the midwest.

King Sun he climbs the summer sky
Ascending ever higher
He mounts his bright midsummer throne
All made of golden fire
His glowing mantle flowing free
His shining gifts he showers
All golden on the earth and sea
On men and beasts and flowers.

June 18, this Friday evening,
4/5:00 ish(whenever your kiddos wake up from nap)- 9/10:00 ish (whenever the fireflies start their magic)
A Waldorf-Inspired Summer Solstice/Midsummer Celebration!
Join us for a potluck and campfire with a few fun activities to savour the season and its turning to summer. 

Here is what I have in mind and other ideas may come or change my mind…
Arrive/ visit farm and allow kids free play
Make a berry collecting basket and go shake down a few Mulberry trees(yum!)
Possibly a story and/or some summer songs to share with your children
Make firefly lanterns
Enjoy campfire and lanterns as dusk falls…usually not until 9:30

She is located in Greenfield if commuting is an issue.


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