Favorite Third Grade Resources

I said I would make a post of what resources “we” liked best for third grade. I will start out by saying I have developed a pet peeve against Waldorf “dogma” I already made a post about that rant entitled What Is Waldorf Education? where in my opinion I stated you can not fit Waldorf Education in a “box” It comes from us the teacher. So to make a long story short I am not one to use “materials” just because they have been used in a Waldorf school for the last 20 years. I meet my children with their interests. Now saying that there will be some of these resources that may not work for you, or even Little Sis when the time comes around for her to enter third grade.

We are a literature loving family, we would much rather curl up on the couch and listen to a story then watch tv any day. When the weather is bad outside more likely that is what you would find us doing. So the majority of my school budget is spent on literature.

Here is my list of our most favorite resources for third grade. To be added to the list it must pass a certain test. Has it been read more than once? Everything on this list passed this test.

For me:
I loved The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays by Malka Drucker.
This has everything you need to understanding Jewish festivities, recipes, stories, and handwork.

A Pioneer Sampler by Barbara Greenwood
I can not say enough about this book, this was my most used resource. It has everything you need to teach about farming, fibers, and even math topics discussed in third grade.

North American Indians by Marie and Douglas Gorsline
This little book covers the majority of Native American shelters all in one resource.

(Update) I can’t believe I forgot my most treasured cookbook

Feeding The Whole Family by Cynthia Lair     I used this book for the majority of our baking projects this year, including our study on the 7 grains and the Native Americans.

We read a lot of wonderful books this year but these are ones that will stay in our personal library.
I recommend the whole Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder but Farmer Boy is a must.

Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Naya Nuki by Kenneth Thomasma (These 2 are a must for girls)

Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates
Children of the Longhouse by Joseph Bruchac
Though we are not gendered specific I recommend these a must for boys.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  L Frank Baum (updated to add) and the rest of this series.

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children This was by far the most read book this year.

Miss Sky’s favorite readers:
These spoke to her the most and was spotted reading them on her own several times.
A Grain of Rice Helena Clare Pittman

The White Stallion Elizabeth Shub

A Horse named Doodlebug by Irene Brady

The Night Crossing by Karen Ackerman

The Josefina Story Quilt by Eleanor Coerr  This has been Miss Sky’s favorite book for 2 years in a row.

I hope this can be helpful to anyone getting ready for their third-grade journey. I have to say I enjoyed this year way more than I thought I would.

Now to start on my fourth-grade outline.


2 Responses to “Favorite Third Grade Resources”

  1. illya gonzalez Says:

    Thanks so much for all these resources. We will be starting 3rd grade in August and all this info will help us a lot.
    Thanks so much and I love your blog.

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