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Because I LOVE This Song

July 31, 2010

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I can’t help it ūüôā


Mom You Don’t Need This Bed Ruffle Do You?

July 30, 2010

Well not any more !!!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend !!!!

What About Me !!!!!!!

July 28, 2010

Ok I can not believe I am doing this post, but after reading Mama Acorn’s post on planning.

And seeing what other Mama’s are doing¬† I thought it was time for me to get real too.

So who am I?I am someone who has not slept well these last 48 hours.

I am someone who worries “a lot”.

I am someone who holds way too much inside.

I am someone who has given 100% to my family but let myself go.

I am someone who HATES having my picture taken.

I am someone who is finally coming to terms with going gray at 35.

I am someone who is married to their VERY best friend and he loves me no matter what.

I am someone who is blessed to have beautiful, healthy children.

I am someone who gained a step-daughter as a friend.

I am someone who is ready to start working on me again.

Many Blessings to all you Mama’s out there !!!!!!!


Norse Myths

July 26, 2010

Alright last lesson blocks to plan out :). This block has been VERY hard for me. I had never heard of Norse Myth until I started homeschooling with Waldorf. I had never heard of Thor or Odin (I went to a private school). Thank goodness I can pronounce those gods names, I am having trouble with others especially¬†in the Kalevala. Why couldn’t the vikings have named their gods Sam or something but no we have Vainamoinen instead.

We will cover these myths over 3 blocks and I am So thankful for finding a copy of Favorite Norse Myths by Mary Pope Osborne because she has a pronunciation key in the back of her book. There are 14 stories in this book so I may have to double up on a few to stick with our 3 day rhythm.

Books I will be reading to go with this block are

Beorn The Proud by   Madeleine Polland

The Land of Heroes by   Ursula Synge (We will not be doing a separate block on the Kalevala but read it along with our block instead)

And after we have finished with our Norse blocks we will read The Children of Odin by Padraic Colum.

I really like the feel of Osborne’s book for memorizing stories and how each story starts with parts from the Poetic Edda (which can be found on-line )for copy work.

(Update) I forgot to list, helping me play the part of “viking” I will be using these ¬†web sites I already posted about.

I like the fact that these sites will help me with upcoming years as well.

I have decided not to read Dragon Slayer by Rosemary Sutcliff but to save it for when she is a little older. I think Beowulf is way over her head for now and think she will appreciate it much more if we wait.

There are other books I had on my “to find” list and couldn’t fit them into our budget but thought they could help someone else.

The Saga of Eric the Viking (Puffin Books) by Terry Jones

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow by Allen French (This can be found on for free)

The Story of Siegfried  by James Baldwin (Also on

Some other read alouds I have planned for this year are The Chronicles of Narnia By C.S. Lewis. I am SO excited to finally share this series with Miss Sky, it is one of my most favorites.

The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin

For Miss Sky’s readers:

Viking Ships at Sunrise by Mary Pope Osborne

The Unicorn’s Secret 1, 2, &3 by Kathleen¬†Duey

We will be using to round out the rest of the year with titles from George MacDonald and other great classics.

We will continue with grammar were we left off and spelling and vocabulary. This year Miss Sky will look up the words all on her own and copy the definition.

For handwork I will teach Miss Sky to cross stitch and we will wood burn a set of runes. We will also be using more natural clay to learn to sculpt  this year and less beeswax. We will continue with form drawing learning more knotted forms. We will learn how to write letters and more reports on our own.I know this year teaching how to write book reports is recommended but I myself find this a waste of time I mean the whole purpose of a book report is to see if the children are really reading the book. This can be done orally when you homeschool. I rather spend my time teaching Miss Sky the skills needed to write reports.

There will also be more independent reading on Miss Sky’s part this year.

As I come up with other idea’s I will update my post but for now I do believe my planning is done. (YES)

Handmade Holiday 2010 Alternatives To Gift Buying

July 25, 2010

One way Papa and I have managed to save money over the years is by not buying each other gifts. No Christmas gifts, no birthday gifts. Now I know this may not work for some of you but for us we have just found other ways to spend our money. Why buy a gift if you don’t need one? Like on birthdays a tradition that started since we¬†first were¬†married (we started out with no money) was to give each other the day off. Off from cooking , cleaning, diaper changing, yes I actually look forward to my birthday :). We pick out what we want for each meal, and get the computer, radio, or television just for ourself. That means Papa sometimes has to sit through a “chick” flick he would NEVER watch otherwise. This has gone over so well in our household that The Little’s have asked for the same on their birthdays too. Instead of gifts maybe one might want to go skating as a family or to the zoo.

But back to Christmas this day really is not about us, so how does our family save money over Christmas? For starters we do not celebrate commercial Santa, (this is our personal choice) so there are no “stocking stuffers” to buy. Instead we count down to Christmas doing little activities each day , like making Christmas cards, or cookies, or ornaments¬†for the tree, visit with our neighbors, read a new Christmas story,drive and see Christmas lights, and even sing Christmas songs together as a family.

As far as gifts, The Little’s receive 3 gifts each and 1 shared gift that is usually¬†a craft we make together. This years shared gift was The book A Donsy of Gnomes by Sieglinde De Francesca along with everything needed to make their¬†own gnomes out of ¬†tree branches.

For our oldest (20) we usually pick a gift to make together as a family (I will share this years in another post) and give her money. That’s what she asks for.

For Papa and I we sit down at the start of every year and make a list of goals we would like to see accomplished. For instance one of our goals was to run our house without any electricity in case of an emergency. So we wrote down what we needed to see that goal happen. We would much rather see our goals accomplished then to receive gifts.

This year we have a few goals, one being get rid of all our carpet through out our whole house and to buy used first then support small business second. We have SO much talent right here in our country without needing to support sweatshops.

I do have a point to this post :). So far we have managed to rid our front room of carpet and in honor of our new re arrangement enlist the help of our unemployed neighbor who is trying to start his own business.

“If you¬†can describe it ,I can build it” is his logo and he can. We needed two end tables to fit in a very small space. We went to several thrift shops to find the end tables were all to big. So we went to our neighbor with our measurements and idea and this is what he came up with.

Real wood (not that partical board) something that will  probably last longer than us. Like the furniture my grandmother had.I love the natural character of wood, how no two pieces are ever alike and it feels SO good to stick to our goals.

He is open for business and untill he gets his webpage up and running can be reached at .

 I am really looking forward to sharing this years handmade holiday with you. I know with so many great minds working together we CAN be the change we want to see.


Happy Anniversary To Me

July 23, 2010

Wow it is so hard to believe that tomorrow will be one year since I started blogging.

I will say I have enjoyed it so much. What a blessing it is to be able to capture memories then go back and relive them whenever I want.

Well in honor of my first year anniversary I thought I would post some blogging “outtakes” from our photo shoots. (you know those photos that just don’t turn out the way you¬†wanted them to¬†:0 ).

I sure am excited to see how this next year’s journey plays out !

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Food 4 Thought Friday

July 23, 2010

From the makers of the story of stuff . The Story Of Cosmetics.

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The Holy War Over Raw Milk

July 21, 2010

I love what the FDA says “Plaintiffs DO NOT have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish”¬†

All I can say is WOW

“guns drawn” You would think we are doing drugs or something.

4th Grade Math

July 20, 2010

I will say up front that we are behind in math. It is not one of Miss Sky’s strong points though¬†I have seen a HUGE improvement this past year. So we will be playing catch up this year with our first block¬†starting where we left off with square numbers¬†, area, and¬†finish memorizing those times tables.

That being said what is usually covered in 4th grade math is fractions, factoring, prime numbers, and long division.

I plan on 3 blocks, the first one starting after our human & animal block and if all goes well this will take us into our Christmas break.

I plan on starting our first Norse Myth block at the start of the new year and think that would be a good place to introduce fractions. Since working in the kitchen proved to be such a success for third grade I do plan on bringing our math work back into the kitchen maybe this time pretending we are vikings.

Well as for resources I am still sticking with Family Math by Jean Kerr Stenmark, Virginia Thompson, and Ruth Cossey. It is filled with tons of games and ideas to teach your child math.

I think this year I will start giving Miss Sky worksheets in a folder or have problems wrote on the board for her to copy throughout the year.

Here is a great refresh for myself on fractions

I will be honest here fractions were not my favorite subject and I do not know how I would have made it through without the help of my grandfather. I am hoping it will all come back to me you know” like riding a bike”. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

Well this leaves only 3 more language art blocks to plan out and I can enjoy the rest of “my”summer vacation.

Cushaw Pie In July

July 20, 2010

So our mystery plant (that we did not plant)¬†turned out to be the heirloom cushaw squash. It still amazes me how wonderful nature is, our neighbor last fall gave us a squash to try¬†and¬†we loved it. Since we compost that’s where I threw the seeds and skin after I roasted it. We till our compost in our garden every spring so¬†the seeds must have taken root in our garden.

We ¬†have harvested 3 from our garden so far¬†(sharing one with our neighbor ūüôā ), and¬†I wasted no time roasting these bad boys up.

¬†I managed to get 4 15 oz jars out of these and made bread with one of them this morning when the sound of a “Little” voice promptly put in her request for one of her most favorite foods.

Yes God is SO good !!!!

We have found something else growing in our garden we did not plant.

This years harvest has been full of surprises.

Did I mention God is good!!! 

We received one more little  surprise over the weekend, they called Papa back to work.  He started back today.

Yes He’s¬†oh SO good !!! ūüôā