Cushaw Pie In July

So our mystery plant (that we did not plant) turned out to be the heirloom cushaw squash. It still amazes me how wonderful nature is, our neighbor last fall gave us a squash to try and we loved it. Since we compost that’s where I threw the seeds and skin after I roasted it. We till our compost in our garden every spring so the seeds must have taken root in our garden.

We  have harvested 3 from our garden so far (sharing one with our neighbor 🙂 ), and I wasted no time roasting these bad boys up.

 I managed to get 4 15 oz jars out of these and made bread with one of them this morning when the sound of a “Little” voice promptly put in her request for one of her most favorite foods.

Yes God is SO good !!!!

We have found something else growing in our garden we did not plant.

This years harvest has been full of surprises.

Did I mention God is good!!! 

We received one more little  surprise over the weekend, they called Papa back to work.  He started back today.

Yes He’s oh SO good !!! 🙂


2 Responses to “Cushaw Pie In July”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Just poking around your delightful blog and read about the surprise squash…. We had a similar find last year. I was lamenting the high cost of pumpkins at the farmer’s market (due in part to a wet growing season that caused a lot of mold and rot and a pretty scarce crop). That same day, my husband was cutting up a neighbor’s long- downed tree for firewood and called our girls come and look in the tangle of branches. It was the most unexpected pumpkin patch, complete with PERFECT suspended pumpkins as their vines wound all up the branches of the fallen tree! We surmise an animal was responsible for scattering the seeds, but still amazed such a crop would grow in a dark and tangled mess of branches!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      How great is that !

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. It still amazes me when surprises happen at just the right time.
      We actually had quite a nice crop :).

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