Handmade Holiday 2010 Working Together

We have managed to start some projects that have accumulated on “the list”. I do have to be careful though because there is family that reads my blog (Hi). Since these are not the finished project I thought it would be ok to share.

Most of our gifts are family projects that usually originate while sitting around the kitchen table eating. Something that starts off a little like this “So Daddy do you think you can …… ? And the idea is born.

We each play our part in the production line beginning of course with Papa then most likely it is time for the Little’s to add their personal touch.

Next up it’s my turn to finish the project and to make sure it passes “my” standards (sometimes this is where Papa gets a bit upset with me 🙂 ).

Then of course before any gift leaves our home it must pass a series of very serious tests (just ask Harvey, our dog, about the dogs treats last year).Once approved our idea then gets the ok to be presented as a gift.

It is fun to work together as a family and it has taught the Little’s how much time one puts into making something ,so when handmade items come their way they are always very well treasured.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and many blessings to the start of your week.


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