Handmade Holiday 2010, Finding What You Are Good At.

I have to start out this post by saying  when I first started on the path of Waldorf Education I was very intimidated by the knitting, you see because I do not know how to. I have tried to teach myself and even had people lined up to teach me but they always fell through. In the end I give up and get discouraged so that nothing gets done.

I have since come to peace with what I don’t know and started focusing on what I do know. I love to be in the kitchen baking homemade goodness for my family, and I always find myself up for a challenge like mastering making bagels and now adding homemade tortillas to my can do list.  There are so many gift ideas from the kitchen alone to fill in those blanks of what to give, and do not forget about the ones you don’t eat like playdough. https://dkjsv05.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/run-run-as-fast-as-you-can/  And salt dough ornaments, http://crafts.kaboose.com/saltdoughgifttoppers.html ,or what about a kit with everything needed to make a volcano. http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/buildavolcano.htm

How about homemade finger paints , you could decorate the outside of baby food jars filled with the different colors,

http://www.creativekidsathome.com/activities/activity_42.html#Cornstarch Fingerpaintor to be funny make lumps of coal and fill with money.http://coffee-break-whatever-craft-time.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-make-dinosaur-eggs-or-treasure.html

As a child my mother tought me how to hand sew. She use to run a home business selling creative circle (do they even exist anymore?) I have since taught myself more complex stitches and sewing is something I truly enjoy. This is where I have placed my focus in teaching handwork to The Little’s. https://dkjsv05.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/audio-books-and-handwork/  This post makes me think of making our own audio book ,maybe take turns as a family reading a chapter book and record it for someone special (Dad this would be a great idea for the girls ,they would love to hear you read them a story :). )

 Again I myself can get lost in all the beautiful gift ideas.

I also have found a love for painting and not just on canvas.

( Above some of my first projects, I like to think I have gotten better.)

As for Papa , he has found a love for woodworking and like me in the kitchen loves a challenge.

(The very first treehouse given to Little Sis for her third birthday and still her most favorite toy to play with.)

I am one who believes we “all” were born creative (and for those of you who think  “Well not me”, I failed art class in high school.  No joke really). 

It all comes down to finding something that “you “enjoy doing and to wrap your focus around that this year for a homemade holiday. Oh and there is no shame in calling in reinforcements, http://www.etsy.com/,after all I don’t know where I would be without them.

Wishing everyone  stress free holidays this year. Peace


2 Responses to “Handmade Holiday 2010, Finding What You Are Good At.”

  1. sarah Says:

    i love your post and the treehouse your husband made is fabulous and so inspiring! thanks for sharing. I have a question for you about sewing… I too LOVE to sew and make things for my family. Basically taught myself though, with my sisters help. We have recently joined a homeschool co-op for once a week classes and I chose to teach a sewing class for 9-13 yr olds. Is there a book you recommend for teaching basic hand sewing skills for this type of class? I have some projects in mind but would like to have some kind of guide possibly…
    Also, in the photos on your post it looks like your girls made dolls out of a drawing on muslin, is this right? looks lovely!
    Thanks for any help/advice 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thanks Sarah for your comment. Yes my girls made thier picture on muslin with fabric markers for their dolls. As far as books I like the Winky Cherry books (I love that name) I think they would be great for your group, she even has rhymes to say while stitching http://www.palmerpletsch.com/childrenbooks.htm. There is also lots of help on-line by serching stright ,blanket,and cross stitch for tutorials. Hope that helps.

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