Road Trip (Or School Trip)

One of the great things I love about homeschooling is all the different ways we are able to bring learning alive, and it never hurts when you can kill two birds with one stone. In honor of finishing a certain Little House book that has to do with Pa helping out with the railroad, I thought it would be fun if “we” could actually take a train ride. So we packed up the family and traveled back in time to the 1860’s.It’s would be the first time for The Little’s to ever ride a “real” train.Only we were not the only passengers on this trip, we were sharing a train ride with union soldiers who needed to get to their next post.The scenery alone was worth the trip, but we happened to get caught in the middle of a battle.

If the train ride was not enough Miss Sky was able to tour a real working grist meal producing corn meal.

 The Little’s had so much fun and can’t wait till our next train ride.

On the way home we had our first ,up close, sighting of turkey vultures.

And Papa couldn’t believe his luck what he spotted.

A whole parking lot filled with cars from the 20’s.

With the earliest dating 1915 all in mint condition. I mean some still had cranks it was SO cool.

I could not have taught a better history lesson.

And completely unrelated, last night we had a visit from Unc’ Billy opossum.

It was a very productive weekend indeed.



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