Fun With Felt

As our summer vacation begins to come to an end , we are slowly finding our back to school grove. I am back to making menu plans and spending one day a week putting back muffins or pizza crusts that I can pull out for quick meals on those days I am running behind. I have tried to bring back some of our weekly rhythms like storytime , baking day, and handwork.

I think I might have mentioned before that The Little’s would much rather make their own toys then to buy them so back to school shopping in our home takes on a whole different meaning than most.

Felt and thread have taken over the pencil and paper category as well as beads, buttons, and anything else that shimmers.

Miss Sky has found a new love for sewing.

At first it started with the making of a fox (her favorite author is Thornton W. Burgess and she has taken very much so to the character of Reddy Fox) and has since turned into seeing just how many animals she can create.

Then of course there has to be accessories. She has even taken the time to help Little Sis with her creations.I have to say I’ve grown quite fond of hearing “Mom I need more black felt, can you add it to my list?”

I just hope the rest of our school year starts out this smooth.


One Response to “Fun With Felt”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Those are just so sweet.

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