There Is No Place Like Home

Well the day had finally come, time to head back to school. I now have to get in the habit of saying fourth grader and kindergartener. Of course in Waldorf education the word kindergarten is quite different from the mainstream, but the title helps to ward off certain people who wonder how my children can possibly be learning when they are always outside ;).

I have to say starting a different grade was not the only change that  happened today. Today also marks the first day of being gluten-free.( I guess you can say it’s just all part of the journey.) I purchased king Arthur’s gluten-free flour mix for starters ,as I still have lots of learning  to do, and stuck with the plan of making cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I would be lying if I said we could not tell a difference but everyone agreed they were really good. I also made a loaf of gluten-free (GF) bread for today’s lunch using the kit from king Arthur. This almost takes the fun out of bread making for me as my favorite part is the kneading, but I am sure I will get the swing of things. We are going to try to eat only one loaf of bread a week compared to my 3 loaves I used to make( I have a kid that really likes PB&J).We all agreed it is weird eating white bread even though it really isn’t white flour, I have heard about brown rice flour and maybe that will help with the color.

But on to school, after breakfast while I was cleaning up the Little’s started on their workbooks. Yes I did say workbooks, after much research I have found workbooks that I really like. What I like is each book contains one math topic at a time and by grade. In Waldorf you only introduce new math topics during your math blocks, so I bought grade 3’s workbooks for Miss Sky to practice her math while we are not doing math blocks. This will just be reviewing what she learned last year.I also like that these workbooks are made for the child to check and fix their answers themselves. They also have preschool books that are great for Little Sis (they make her feel like a big girl but do not ,in my opinion, bring her out of her dream like state). Besides I couldn’t stop her from learning if I wanted to, this is a child that is going to teach herself to read. Workbooks isn’t the only thing I have for Little Sis while Miss Sky is doing her work.

This made her whole day. She has school “stuff” (play-doh with shape cut outs, do-a-dots with lots of paper, bean counting game from family math, a pack of pipe cleaners, puzzles,and a few of her favorite books)just like Sissy.

After clean up and chores it was time for our walk than circle. We have a new gathering song this year.

Fairy Ring  from Kristie Karma Burns (Earthschooling) newsletter

Good Morning Dear Earth

Morning Verse  O Golden Sun by Marsha Johnson

Michaelmas Fingerplay by Elieen Straiton (Little Acorn Learning)

Summer Is Ending verse

Way up High In The Apple Tree Fingerplay

Bringing In The Sheaves

Here Is An Apple Tree Fingerplay

Then with the idea I got from Mrs. Marsha Johnson we took our walking sticks and pounded them on the floor at the beginning of each line of the poem Yellow The Bracken Golden The Sheaves.

We ended with tongue twisters and a review of songs on our penny whistles.

We are starting the fourth grade year out with 1 block of Geography. I gave the Little’s their new backpacks for our “travels” and The Little’s decorated them with fabric markers.

We will be putting the finishing touches on them tomorrow.  I purchased them through We also made our nature notebooks to carry along on our adventures.

Next Miss Sky and I reviewed our shelter’s block from last year and taking the idea from Our Little Nature Nest we talked about how our bodies are our first home and Miss Sky drew a picture of herself on the first page in her MLB.

pictures 951

After lunch we finished our school day with reading. Miss Sky read the first 2 chapters of The Little’s take a trip by John Peterson. I am finishing Ozma of Oz by L.Frank Baum.

Wishing everyone a great start back to school !


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