What Is A Map ?

Well we are on day 3 of no gluten (yes I am keeping track). My dad (hi) who is also gluten-free says it will take 3 months before we will notice a difference. Since today was skating we decided to pay a visit to our heath food store. Man has it changed since my dad took me as a child (I loved watching people make peanut butter). After already craving pizza you could only imagine my surprise when I saw how much a gluten-free pizza was. So we picked up some gluten-free tortillas that were made with brown rice flour,and on sale, then came home to make our own GF pizza. They passed the Little’s taste test and I am getting a few more recipes under my belt.

I know one thing this change in our diets has brought to our attention just how much bread our family eats and how many more fruits and veggies we need to eat.

Yesterday after our circle, which is a big hit Little Sis is loving the Michaelmas fingerplay and we have to do it several times before we can move on, we started the main lesson. I read the first 12 pages from the book Maps and Globes by Harriett Barton and we talked about how the first maps were made and the materials different people used. We talked about that Native Americans and why they might have needed to use maps. Then Miss Sky made a map in her MLB of the schoolroom.

pictures 952

We finished with Miss Sky reading the next 2 chapters of The Little’s take a trip and me reading Ozma of Oz. I have to say we honestly (as of yet) could not tell you which is our favorite story in this series. Unfortunately we will have to take a break from the land of Oz after this book to get started on our school books.

Today with all the activities we kicked back with some handwork while listening to Thornton Burgess’s Animal stories on audio book.


We finished our backpacks with a little embroidery.

And Miss Sky is still adding to her animal collection only this time I think she is giving me a hint.Um as of right now a hamster made of felt is about as far as she is going to get one as a pet :). Little Sis also joined in the sewing action.With some dot to dot sewing cards. I am thinking this would be a great handmade gift idea for Miss Sky to make some more for her birthday.

Many blessing for the rest of the week.


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