Following Directions

Well we have almost made it through our first week of being gluten-free. I have taken some wonderful advice and instead of focusing on what we can no longer eat, we are focusing on all we can. I have to say we are enjoying every minute of it.

We also have discovered Pamela’s Products ( baking and pancake mix. OMGoodness we all agreed this made the best pancakes we have ever had gluten-free or not.

After breakfast The Little’s started on their workbooks. I have noticed such a difference in Miss Sky already. The Kumon workbooks are made to give the child confidence and it sure has. You should have seen her face today when she got all her problems right. She was beaming with excitement all day.

They also finished up a project from  yesterday.Yes a cage for their “pet” hamster.

When all the morning chores were done we headed out for our walk and came home to start circle.

Today for main lesson I read page 19 from Maps and Globes by Harriett Barton and we talked about the four basic directions. Using our bodies as a compass I asked Miss Sky which direction was the ceiling, the floor, the chalkboard, and other things from around the schoolroom. Then I asked which direction was her desk from the window ext. Miss Sky made her picture in her MLB.

pictures 967

Today is also baking day and we decided to try our hands at making apple chips

and applesauce. Man this made the whole house smell good.

pictures 971

pictures 975

While all this was cooking Miss Sky read to chapter 7 in her book and we finished Ozma of Oz.

To my surprise Miss Sky is really enjoying our main lesson so far. Next week we will be adding spelling and grammar back to our lesson.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend !


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