A Weekend Spent In The 1800s

As part of our geography block I thought  it would only be fair while learning all about this great state we live in ,to actually “see” why it is so great.

For starters I thought we would pay a visit to where the author of our next book grew up. (I printed a map of Indiana off and as we visit places we will put a push-pin through the town.) There was a pioneer fair going on at their fairgrounds.First stop was school. I have to say the “knowledge” that filled this room was worth the whole trip alone. Not only did the Little’s enjoy a day at prairie school. I learned SO much myself. This room was filled with every type of handwork you can think of and even some I had never heard before like tatting, and chicken scratch embroidery.  I am most excited to put my new knowledge to work.

This fair was sponsored by the Shelby County Historical Society. I myself enjoyed the many heart-felt conversations I had with the senior citizens and I think that they were happy to know there are a few of us who don’t want to see their craft die. Everything was as it would be during the 1800’s such as bread baking.candle making

soap making, woodworking, printingand broom making. Oh yeah and there was stuff for The Little’s to enjoy as well.:)

Today we packed up and headed out to the country fair.Only this was no ordinary fair. We saw the bearded lady, a soothsayer,a lady with tattoos all over her body, and a 6 foot man-eating chicken. But that was not all.They had a Sorghum Mill,hayrides,and pie eating contests (that we could not participate in).The Little’s shucked cornand got to grind it up .Papa enjoyed his time there too.Yes more classic cars.

I think we all agree, we really like this place we call home.

Now to kick back and relax as we start another week of school.


One Response to “A Weekend Spent In The 1800s”

  1. Christy Says:

    We had planned on going to the pioneer days but had other commitments. It looks like it was a lot of fun and I’m glad you posted your pictures. Next year, we will go. Thanks.

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