Journeying Out From The Schoolroom

With such a busy weekend I decided to let the Little’s sleep in as long as they needed. I knew our school day would not be to heavy and thought it would run smoother with everyone well rested.

I also received some very sad news yesterday that one of my cousins was killed in a car crash. He was only 25 years old. I say this only because this year I am trying to teach myself not to sweat the small stuff. I tend to make mountains out of mole hills if you know what I mean. It’s not something that I am proud of . Being choleric it is just who I am, but I know it doesn’t have to be. It will just take “a lot ” more conscious effort on my part.

So  that being said, I am trying to take a more relaxed approach this school year with The Little’s. If we can’t do circle time oh well the world won’t come to an end. It is about enjoying our time with each other that matters. I learned that while Papa was in the emergency room 3 weeks ago.

Once The Little’s woke up I made waffles (from Pamela’s mix) and sausage for breakfast. Deciding to try out our new  no-bake rice pasta  noodles, and having everything else already made in the freezer, I made lasagna for our dinner while  Miss Sky did her math.

Next we started circle keeping with last weeks line up and practiced with our penny whistles.

Then we headed into the schoolroom for main lesson. Reviewing our directions from Friday I asked Miss Sky which direction was her bedroom from the schoolroom, and which room was west of the schoolroom. Then working together (me with my own MLB) we mapped out that part of our house. Tomorrow we will add to the map by reviewing some of our measurement lessons from last year.

After main lesson I gave Miss Sky this weeks spelling list. She now has 20 words and we marched, kicked,and side-stepped,while spelling her words out. We also added arm movements and this proved to be quite fun. This weeks list is:





















She printed them once in her MLB then wrote them in cursive once.

We are practicing more running forms for form drawing to help with Miss Sky’s cursive this year. We did this weeks form in the air then in the air with our eyes closed.

We finished with reading Miss Sky is now on chapter 9 of The Little’s Take a Trip,  and I read to chapter 2 of The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major.

Oh yes and Miss Sky is still working on more felt animals for handwork. She is getting quite good.

Wishing everyone a very happy Monday !


One Response to “Journeying Out From The Schoolroom”

  1. Sally Says:

    i am so glad you posted on my blog the other day! I had done some latenight messing around on my blog some time back and deleted your blog address! ::sigh:: all is well now! 🙂

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