There Goes The Neighborhood

You know with all the festivities of the weekend I forgot to mention the 50% off sale at Goodwill.  I actually start looking forward to the sale as each new season approaches. I can’t help it , that is where I buy 95% of our curriculum for the year. Then there are times when I have to really retain myself (so I don’t get kicked out of the store)like when I found this dress.OMGoodness it even had a handmade by tag inside. I am sure some of you may have noticed my girls ,most of the time, don’t ware the usual attire most children do. Um there is no such thing as “dress up” in their vocabulary. They think  everyday is a good day to ware something frilly. With this dress I can’t blame them.

So what does one do with all those books they accumulate from the Goodwill sales they attend (especially when they live in a really small space)? Have a very sweet and loving husband make shelves going around the top of the schoolroom :).Have I mentioned we like books?

Oh the first day of autumn, tradition has it in our home to start the day off with the reading of The Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum then to go into the kitchen and make an apple cake for breakfast. Well I have not been able to come across a gluten-free recipe for apple cake yet and was starting to get a little gloomy when I found a recipe on Pamela’s products website for pumpkin bread. It wasn’t apple cake but it was a pretty darn good substitute. Let’s just say there are no left overs. It’s funny how food revolves around so much more than just nourishing our bodies.

I was also glad to find GF tamari because chicken fried rice is a staple meal in our home, in fact that is what was on the menu for tonight’s dinner. While Miss Sky did her math I made the rice and chopped my veggies and chicken(left over from another meal)to be ready for tonight.

Miss Sky has got all her problems right 4 days in a row, and even though workbooks are taboo in Waldorf Education it has helped so much with our school day.

Yesterday’s lesson was all about our house. We reviewed where we left off in third grade with measurements talking about inches, feet, and  yards. Then I explained that a mile is 1,760 yards. I explained how most traveling distance is measured by miles. Then we measured how many yards, feet and inches her bedroom and the front room where from the schoolroom. She finished her ML page from Monday.

pictures 1028

Today we went outside and measured the distance between our house and the neighbors and Miss Sky made a page in her MLB.

pictures 1037

We also talked about our address. Even though Miss Sky knew our address we talked about the importance of  having one. I also broke it down to explain what each part meant. Then we talked about what a zip code was.

Next we marched, stomped, clapped and kicked her spelling words out. We reviewed what a noun was and Miss Sky circled all her spelling words that were nouns. Words she did not know I put a check by to be her vocabulary words for the week. We are starting with 5 since she is looking them up and copying the definition herself. So this weeks words are:






She should be able to tell me which part of speech they are and use them in a sentence by Friday.

She practiced this weeks form on the chalkboard with her eyes open then with them closed. I always know she has the form down when she can draw it with her eyes closed the same as when they are open.

Miss Sky finished her book yesterday and started The Little’s Give A Party by John Peterson. I read to chapter 5 from The Bears of Blue River. I have to say  Miss Sky is really enjoying this book and it has started many conversations. I think we may be doing a study on black bears very soon.

Wishing everyone a happy autumn !


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