There Is No Crying In Homeschool !

Well unless Mama does a very bad thing :0.

Yesterday was our catch up day, we run errands and do other things around the house that might have been neglected during the week. Well with the crazy summer our family had I  finally got around to gathering all of Miss Sky’s work from third grade and filed what I wanted to keep. When out of nowhere Little Sis rounds the corner in a sea of tears. “Mommy I can’t find my lesson books !” Not understanding what she meant I said it’s ok they are in your desk. “No mommy my other books like sissy’s, they are missing.” (Oh boy) Now it is true I give Little Sis her own MLBs so she can “do” school like sissy. In all fairness I do keep a lot of her work but Little Sis tends to have pack rat tendencies and wants to keep everything. SO while cleaning out her desk before the start of the school year I think I threw away her lesson books. Now how on earth was I suppose to tell a very distraught little girl her” mother” threw away her very precious lesson books that she did not even know were missing until yesterday?

Um I didn’t I simply replied “Are you sure they are not in your desk?” Then proceed to leave no corner of the schoolroom unturned in order to find these precious books.

Meanwhile ,knowing we were not going to find them, I tried to calm her down with “You know , you can always make new ones this year in case we can’t find your old ones”( OMGoodness big mistake). “But I worked SO hard and you have a bunch of sissy’s stuff, IT”S NOT FAIR.” Oh yes her new favorite words to say ,I was busted. All I could do was sweep her in my arms and try to dry her tears(without telling her the truth).

We talked about her drawings , and about how silly sissy is , and our dog Harvey, and ice cream.  Which lead to “you know mommy I would feel  better if I had some ice cream”  oh thank goodness for the invention of ice cream.

Well as of today the ice cream must have worked because there has been no mention of her lesson books. I am hoping since all of Miss Sky’s work is now put away that all is well in the world, but I am bringing in a plan B just to be safe :). I have also made a mental note to self Do Not Throw Away Little Sis’s Lesson Books This Year !

Today was test day but first we had circle. The Little’s have really been enjoying this months circle verses(guess who’s the fire breathing dragon ?)

and are getting really excited about Michaelmas.

Miss Sky and I have also been enjoying our “rhythm sticks”(just walking sticks Papa made for us).While saying Miss Sky’s memory verse we have come up with a beat. For the first beat (Yellow the bracken) we tap the sticks on the floor (I thinks it helps that we don’t have carpet). Then for the second beat (Golden the sheaves) we tap our sticks together. Then tap on the floor for the third beat and cross again for the fourth beat , but this time cross the sticks on the opposite side. We keep this rhythm all through the verse and get faster each time we go through it until we mess up. It is very meditative.

Next we headed into the schoolroom for Miss Sky’s spelling test. She has struggled with quite a few words this week and I just gave her the test to see how she would do. I think we will work with 18 words instead of 20 this year and will repeat the words she had trouble with next week. I also asked her to give me her vocabulary words in a sentence. She did good with this and then she put this weeks form in her MLB after practicing it first with her left hand on the board.

It was then time for plan B , making cookies.OK I will be honest here, I am feeling really guilty for using Pamela’s products(pancake and waffle mix) for all of my GF baking ,these cookies included. It’s like I am cheating or something using a mix and not making it from scratch even though I am making it ( I know). It’s like using Bisquick to make biscuits instead of measuring out the flour ext.

We have managed to go the whole week without any (loaf) bread and I have gotten really good at making biscuits (like in less than 5 minutes) for breakfast. I don’t know it just feels weird. Then to have my whole family rave at how these are the best they ever had, like my cooking before was terrible is not helping matters.

Even though it’s only been 2 weeks it seems like we have a lot more energy than before.

Papa also wants me to thank everyone for the Tinkyada pasta recommendation (spaghetti is his favorite meal),now to find a good pizza crust recipe and Asian cookbook and I will be set.

We called it a day with Miss Sky reading to chapter 6 of The Little’s Give a Party and I read chapter 5 of The Bears of Blue River. This was a very hard chapter to read. Our family has a soft spot for wolves , Big Sis and her boyfriend want to have a refuge for wolves someday. We are in no way against hunting for food but to kill an animal just for the skins. In all fairness we did talk about how at the time that was their “money ” to trade for food, there are always 2 sides to every story. It was just really sad to read.

I do think it is good to read stories that you might not always agree with, they make you think  🙂 and grow.

Wishing you all a very good weekend !


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