Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood

Wow ,when its time for autumn here in Indiana its autumn. With temperatures in the 60’s, when just last week there was record temps in the 90’s ,it makes it really hard to concentrate on work (or to get up out of a very warm bed). SO guess what Mama (and our alarm clock dog) over slept this morning? I told myself ,I just must have needed the rest after a beautiful weekend spent outdoors and tried to get the day started the best I could.

This is what I awoke to this morning.The Little’s have been very busy creating this weekend from a story we have all been enjoying lately for bedtime. I love all the details they have been adding and it’s funny but they each have taken on their own personalities as well. (Miss Sky’s)

(Little Sis’s I love the one with the yellow ribbon)

I am just happy that Miss Sky still enjoys playing (and creating)with dolls even though her 10th birthday swiftly approaches and I am in no hurry to see it end any time soon.

For breakfast I made pancakes and Papa put together some chili in the crock pot for tonight’s dinner since I was running a bit behind.

We didn’t have circle this morning but went on a walk around our neighborhood instead. We took notice how the leaves are beginning to fall and change colors. We also took a pen a paper with us to write down the street names we passed to map out for today’s main lesson. We took closer notice of things like if the streets were flat or hilly and if they were straight or curved. We also measured out the distance around the block, how many different ways we could walk it , and which way was the longest and shortest route. We noticed that we live on the main street that connected all the other streets together. Next we counted how many fire hydrants there were to place them later on her map. We also have a creek that runs through our neighborhood and took notice where it goes. I hope to find a map of how the creek runs through our whole town. Once home I helped Miss Sky map out all the information we acquired in her MLB.

We have an interview with our neighbor this week who is an original resident of our neighborhood. They were one of the first couples to have their home-built here (in our neighborhood which came much later after our city was established). At the time it cost them $20,000 to have their home-built and are of the few lucky ones to experience home ownership. Miss Sky and I came up with some questions she would like to know about our town for her interview.

This weeks spelling list contains 18 words with the majority being from last week.



police station












fire department

city hall

post office


We marched , kicked and moved our arms while spelling them out. Next Miss Sky printed them once and wrote them once in cursive in her MLB.

This weeks running form drawing reminds me of a crown for Michaelmas. She traced it with her finger then practiced it in the air first with her right hand then her left.

and can be found here.

We finished with Miss Sky reading to chapter 8 of The Little’s Give a Party. I read to chapter 7 of The Bears of Blue River.

I am ending my post with a with a blast from the past, how many remember this song :). Wishing everyone a great start to their week !

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