Happy Michaelmas !

This year our family has been faced with many dragons.  Even though sometimes the battles have been bloody we have made it through and can truly say we have grown in many ways.

One of the many things I love about Waldorf Education is all the wonderful festivals and celebrations and today’s was no exception.It’s a day when everyone (grown-ups included) gets to be a super hero :).

Of course the festivities began last night with the bedtime telling of The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World from The Festival of Stones by Reg Down. The Little’s love this story and it was carried over into today’s play.

After breakfast clean up the day was kicked off with a walk around the block and back home for circle time. The Little’s acted out ,for the last time, the Michaelmas Fingerplay they have so been enjoying this month. Then it was time for me to tell the story of St. Michael helping Sir George defeat the dragon and save the beautiful princess from  certain death. I told the story written by Mrs. Marsha Johnson that is in her files.

Since we would not be able to make dragon bread this year we decided to make clay dragons instead.We used the modeling clay recipe found here.

We will finish painting them tomorrow.

Next we brought out the watercolors and painted the dragons fiery breath.Then said good-by to summer with a big bowl of ice cream (Something that we can still have 🙂 ).

We will finish today’s celebration with the beautiful story that Christine Natale wrote for bedtime.

Wishing Everyone A Happy Michaelmas !


One Response to “Happy Michaelmas !”

  1. Kara Fleck Says:

    Everyone gets to be a super hero – love it! 🙂

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