This Is My City, Population 15,000

Happy October ! It is amazing how fast September blew by.

I will start this post out by saying how terribly off our rhythm has been this week. Between my over sleeping, celebrating a festival , doctor appointments, and interviews our school days have not really looked like much at all.

That’s OK though because there has been plenty of learning taking place.

Yesterday Miss Sky had her interview with our neighbor.When finding our house , even though we did not know it at the time, Papa and I got very lucky to get great neighbors. With all my family living in Missouri and Papa’s dad passing away 2 weeks after we bought the house, it seemed like we were all alone. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as accidents because we were quickly adopted by both sets of neighbors. We love our visits especially when Miss Rose has something cooking in the kitchen :).

On this visit we stepped back in time  to see what our city looked like before we moved here. Miss Sky took her questions and our neighbors were more than happy to answer them. “We” learned that our community was first established in 1906 and later become a city in 1935. A banker bought our cities piece of land to have a dairy farm which raised Jersey cows. The farm became very well-known and soon the railroad moved in around 1908( which is still our cities largest company). Then houses were built for the railroad workers ,which are still standing today, and the town started to become populated. We also have the original City Hall and hospital buildings still in use that were built in 1914.

When our neighbors moved in the interstate had not yet been built (why President Eisenhower wanted interstates was also very interesting to learn) and the majority of the city was still farm land. You could still buy most of your food local from farmers as there was still a dairy off the main street. At one time our city had everything from food to clothing stores and you could walk to get everything you needed. That is what made our neighbors want to live here. They agreed it was the interstate that brought in “big” business  like gas stations and fast food restaurants that hurt our cities “small town” community.

We also saw pictures of the trees that they planted when they first moved in. They are every bit of 20 feet tall if not taller now.We also found out a survivor from Pearl Harbor who was on the USS Arizona owned  our house.

Next week our lessons will take us out of our neighborhood and venturing  into our city . I hope to map out the creek that runs through here and I also hope for Miss Sky to meet our mayor, whose grandmother went to our church and who another” original” resident coached in little league( I love small towns 🙂 ).

We came home and I helped Miss Sky come up with her composition for her MLB.

Today after Miss Sky’s spelling test ,that went much better, we finished painting our dragons.

pictures 1064

pictures 1065

pictures 1067

We also practiced using our new “toy”that we plan to use on our next travels.I have to say “we” are really enjoying this block more than I ever thought and do believe it’s because most of the learning is taking place outside the “classroom”. I feel SO sorry for all the children being taught geography inside a fluorescent lit building all day.

Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend !


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