Brooks, Creeks, Rivers, and Canals

Welcome to San Francisco!Today we received our first package from Big Sis. The Little’s were SO excited about their gifts. They have never seen the ocean before and couldn’t wait to run their fingers through the sand.

Miss Sky also has a rock collection that  friends have been helping her add to by picking up rocks from all the different states they have been on their travels. She now can cross California  off her list. She even has a piece of petrified wood from Arizona. I hope to use these when the time comes to study geology and more geography.

We are SO proud of you Big Sis and miss you very much!

I can’t wait to try my hand at origami, I have been wanting to learn for a long time. I see many hours of fun in our future. 🙂

Yesterday after Miss Sky worked on her math She recited last months memory poem then we started this months new circle.

Fairy Ring (gathering verse) from earthschooling

Good Morning Song from earthschooling

Pumpkins fingerplay

Little Witch verse by Christine Natale

Oats,Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow song (must be sung with a Scottish accent  😉 ).

Five Little Pumpkins fingerplay

Pumpkin Time Song

Then using our rhythm sticks we tapped out Miss Sky’s new memory poem for this month Indian Children by Annette Wynne.

We finished with tongue twisters and lesson 11 with our penny whistle’s.

For main lesson I told Miss Sky the history of our city. When it was established, who bought the land, how it was a dairy farm, and how it became a city. Then I read the poem Paddle Your Own Canoe by Sarah T. Bolton. Next she copied the map we drew on the board of our city in her MLB.

Today we worked together to come up with a composition from the history she learned the previous day and wrote it in her MLB.

Yesterday I had Miss Sky look at her spelling words, then close her book to write them out from memory. After she wrote the word out I had her check to see if she spelled it right. If not spelled right, she was to write it correctly next to the misspelled word while copying it from her book.

Today I asked Miss Sky her spelling words while she took one step forward for each letter of the word. Then she stepped backwards while spelling the word backwards. (woodland, dnaldoow)

Yesterday she went through her spelling list and circled all the nouns. Then I gave her this weeks vocabulary words.







She looked up the first 3 words in the dictionary and copied the definition in her MLB.

Today she finished looking up the rest of her words and we talked about the difference between a brook (I looked this one up), creek, and river. Then we talked about what a canal was and it’s difference. I also asked her which of her vocabulary words did not “belong” with the others and she answered a lake.

Over the summer on our “school trip” ,when we went on our train ride, we also saw Indiana’s horse-drawn canal that was used for trade before the railroad came.

We hope to go back for another visit this time to take a ride on the canal.

We finished with reading and Miss Sky is on chapter 15 of The Little’s and I am on the last chapter of The Bears of Blue River that we hope to finish up tomorrow.

Now to get back to my origami.



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