Land Formations

This week we branch out from our city and start learning more about the state we live in. Starting with the largest lake in Indiana.Lake Morgan Monroe 23,952 acres. Last week we learned what a lake is so I thought it would only be fair to actually see one.

This week I will be talking about the different landscapes of Indiana and how they were formed. So on the way to our destination we paid attention how the scenery changed the farther south we went. What was farmland quickly changed into hills filled with beautiful images of fall.

Due to the lack of rain our state has faced the lake was much lower than usual. This worked to our advantage as we were able to see just how water can change the formation of the earth.

This trip was not all work though.

There was so much to see and we added many new treasures to our nature collection,

but the true adventures began as we watched the sunset and the stars shine out over the water.

How different everything looked in the dark. No street lights, no noise from traffic just the sound of fish coming out to play while the waves gently rolled onto the shore.

With only our compass and a lantern it was time to find our way back to our vehicle so we could start our journey back home.

If everything goes right this will be our last week of our geography block but most certainly not the end of our adventures.


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