Storms Raging In

Alright, today has been one of “those” days. You know the kind when everything seems to be against you. I could run down the very long list of items, such as the disastrous breakfast this morning (found out we do not like mochi) then the(much-needed) rain shower on my freshly washed laundry, to misplacing items that you KNOW were there the night before but have somehow managed to walk away all on their own, and a dog that chewed up one of my fall fairies (ugh).  Add to this a couple of children that think I am invisible (“what, did you say something mommy? I didn’t hear you”), another that is extremely emotional crying at any and everything( “why did you look at me like that”),  and a phone that won’t stop ringing. Maybe you can sympathize.

Now I know this is not the end of the world, it was just trying my patience that seemed to have stepped away for the time being. I felt very close to throwing in the towel. I feel like everything that has brought me peace of mind before has disappeared. (Yes I WOULD like some cheese with my whine thanks, but we happen to be out at the moment).

“I AM IN TIME OUT !” I declared as my family turns and gives me a look like what the heck is your deal. I picked up my notebook (you never know what answers you may receive)and stomped off toward the bedroom for some much-needed meditation and prayer.

Of course, the answer always comes back to me. Yes I have been staying up way to late,yes I am putting way too much pressure on myself (why do I do this?), and yes I have been flying by the seat of my pants with no menu plans for the week( I am letting things like caramel color, which is gluten, in vanilla ice cream bother me. *side note rant*I wonder why we are eating too much, it’s in everything. I mean come on). I will spare you the temper tantrum details of what happened next.

Despite my little disruption this afternoon, we did manage to get something “school” related done. We handed the job of going inside to pay our sewage bill over to Miss Sky(remember small town). So today using her map of our city, that she drew out, she sat up in the front seat next to Papa dictating directions on how to get to city hall finding the shortest route. Then she had to tell us how to get back home. She did well.

Yesterday Miss Sky practiced her spelling words by looking at her words then closing her MLB. She wrote the word on paper. Then she checked to see if she spelled it right.If she got it wrong she would copy it from her book next to the misspelled word. Today, using an idea from Our Little Nature Nest’s blog, I scattered gems on the floor and Miss Sky had to pick them up with her toes while spelling out her words.She switched to her right and left foot.

She finished looking up this weeks vocabulary words and wrote out the definitions. She should be able to use them in a sentence for her test Friday.







Yesterday Miss Sky made a map of our state in her MLB and recited back to me how Indiana was formed. Together we came up with a summary and she copied it in her MLB.

pictures 1122

For her end project, she is making a salt dough map of our state.

pictures 1123

Little Sis is making one too.

pictures 1124

I really like how they turned out. She will finish painting it tomorrow. I used the directions from here.

Miss Sky is in chapter 9 of Sunset of the Sabertooth and I read chapter 7 of The Witch Family. I have to say we  LOVE this book. “To those children who move unhesitatingly between the real and unreal” Yep that’s us :).



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