A Day of Review

I am very glad for the beautiful weekend we had weather-wise, it is not a normal thing to be able to celebrate Miss Sky’s birthday outdoors. I do believe she had a good day. We try to take the focus off of receiving gifts and more about the celebration of her life. I wrote both girls a story about their birth and we usually start the day off with that. Then it is up to the birthday child to choose the day’s activities and what meals they would like.

Miss Sky chose to spend the day outdoors with a trip to the apple orchard (for more of her favorite food) and riding her bike along the park trails. We were sure to not waste one minute of the precious sunshine.

I have decided to start a math block instead of the planned Human and Animal block, I felt it flows better coming after the geography block. We have a lot to catch up on and after our walk, we started with a review of the times tables learned last year.

pictures 1147

(What this photo implies, makes me laugh. Miss Sky is wearing her witch hat while practicing the 4’s that just happens to make a star pattern.)

She started on her math clock practicing the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 11 times tables. Next, we moved into the schoolroom I had Miss Sky take out her math MLB (we are still working in the same one) and reviewed all the past years. This is always fun to see the progress from her first page of 1 is the sun to now( I think the main lesson book was a genius idea ).  I made a blank multiplication chart on the board

pictures 1148

and we filled in the tables she knew showing how many she still has left to memorize. I have to say I was surprised she remembered these at all since we did not practice all summer. She does have a hard time answering if they are not given in order so we definitely must work on that. We also practiced telling time, I had Miss Sky say what time it was when we went for a walk, started school, at lunch, that sort of thing. Tomorrow we will work on reviewing money.

During math blocks, we don’t have spelling or vocabulary. I feel with each grade comes more “schoolwork” and this can make for a really long school day.  So I try to divide up lessons to keep our days running smoothly. I also firmly believe in letting subjects rest. So we will be practicing Miss Sky’s handwriting (cursive) and grammar during this block. I have also included a new memory poem each month during our circle time this year.

We reviewed what a sentence was. How it starts with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark. We also reviewed what the punctuation marks are. Next, we reviewed the parts of speech she learned last year, noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. I asked Miss Sky to give me a noun, verb, adjective, then adverb for example.



red cat running

red cat running fast

Then had her make this into a sentence. Red cat running fast. After each sentence Miss Sky copied it into her grammar MLB in cursive. I hope to have Miss Sky writing her own summaries by the end of the year.

Miss Sky finished her Magic Tree House book last week and today read the first 2 chapters of Junie B., First Grader Boo… and I mean it by by Barbara Park. I read to chapter 9 of The Witch Family.

Miss Sky finished her salt dough map of Indiana She was really excited to share her knowledge with Papa and I am really impressed with how much she actually learned. Little Sis finished her map too.

pictures 1150

Also while waiting for the next installment Miss Sky has taken it upon herself to re-read Ozma of Oz again. We are very excited they will be performing this story at The Children’s Museum and Miss Sky has been busy getting ready.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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