The Roots Of Education (Pt. 1)

The last few nights I have been listening to Steiner’s lecture  The Roots of Education . I have found it to be very interesting and disturbing or maybe conflicting is a better word. In lecture one Steiner talks about how the teacher must harmonize their temperament due to what the child is exposed to early on will become a health problem for them later.  He goes on to use an example of a choleric teacher. I think I have mentioned before that I am choleric, yes with LOTS of prayer and meditation I have been working very hard at bringing balance to my temperament, but choleric is still the most dominant. For me to say my children have never been exposed to my “temper tantrums” in all the years of their life would be a huge lie.

Steiner goes on to say that “we” are in charge of a child’s happiness, unhappiness, health, and sickness later on when the child grows up. In lecture two he talks about how the children, under the age of 7, are one big sense organ and even having bad thoughts around a child will cause illness later in life. Imagine how I felt learning that my little tantrums play a part in whether or not my children will grow up to be healthy adults (Yeah no guilt trip there).

One thing about listening to Steiner is you have to let it soak in for a while and that is just what it has been doing these last few days. I think Steiner was a very intelligent person and I have seen how spot on this curriculum has been for my daughter (I mean down right spooky at times) but I have to remember in these lectures he was talking to teachers. That at the end of the day they could go home and kick off their shoes. As homeschooling parents we are home, there is no separation.

So these last few days I have tried to imagine what it would be like for my children if they saw me as always being the “perfect” teacher. To never allow me to have a negative thought or to get upset around them. What kind of illness would that cause as adults? We are after all human beings. Yes, I believe in the three bodies( body, soul, and spirit) but my body tends to get the best of me at times no matter how much time I spend in prayer.

Now I have not finished the lecture and hope to listen to part three tonight and did get some good points about the importance of sleep, and how we grasp something once we gain a mental picture of it.

I also loved his quote “Through materialism, all childhood is ruined to the point where people can no longer come to terms with moral or spiritual impulses at all” yes I can so see this today. I guess I will have to wait and see what my spirit says after finishing the lecture. 🙂

Just my own personal thoughts,



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