Handmade Christmas 2010

Well it has been a while since I have posted about Christmas plans. I have been so busy with school plans and birthdays (Little Sis’s is coming very fast) that my brain hasn’t had time to think about Christmas. Yeah but Christmas is swiftly approaching I mean it was July when I first started posting about handmade plans. I have been enjoying all the wonderful ideas.This will be a list I keep updating so I can have all my ideas in one place.

I will admit this year has stumped me a bit as Miss Sky has started to make her own toys and really there are only so many toys a child needs.

We have downsized and re-arranged our living room to make more space to move around in, giving The Little’s room to jump rope indoors if the mood fits :). I am thinking of ideas to keep active during those winter months. Something like this, or something like this with this.

OMGoodness I also found these. Yeah, I know a couple of girls that would love these.

I think I better get my sewing cap out and get busy coming up with a plan. I like that I can link to these ideas because I always have “Little” eyes sneaking about during the holidays.

Oh, I forgot to add Miss Sky is working on a coloring book for Little Sis’s Christmas present.

I thought I would keep my non-handmade list here as well. We have all come to a conclusion as a family we need to do more winter hiking. SO clothing and shoes to accommodate this will be the bulk of this year’s gifts.

Update: How cool is this. I am thinking this could be made on wood too with a pouch to hold the pieces.

Update: I know a “little” girl that would love these for her kitchen.

Update: With all of Miss Sky’s changes I am going to make her a toiletries bag just for herself with handmade soap, homemade deodorant (1 part baking soda 3 parts cornstarch), and shampoo to use in the shower. She is getting at that age to really start taking care of her hygiene (already :().

Happy Creating everyone!


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