There Was A Little Witch

Man, it has been a full week of skating (guess who joined The Little’s and is feeling muscles I forgot I had?), school, lectures, and errands. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Being a week of review for Miss Sky we didn’t really have a main lesson we just touched on things she learned from last year. I combined grammar and math together by making a set of cards out of old paintings. I made 10 cards of each writing the words noun, adjective, verb, and adverb on the back. Then on the front, I came up with a word that fit each card.I spread them out on the table (back facing up) and had Miss Sky pick one card from each part of speech. She flipped through the cards to make a sentence. She then wrote the sentence out in cursive on paper and using this chart we found out which sentence was worth the most money. Small button stopped uncontrollably, turned out to be worth the most at $1.56. I had Miss Sky lay out the amount of each letter then count the total amount of each sentence. Next, I had Miss Sky give me the same amount but using less change.

We also have played lots of games of I Spy where Miss Sky used adjectives to describe the noun we were spying. Also, I had Miss Sky come up with her own sentences using the same parts of speech and writing them in cursive. She worked on word searches and 4 column addition carrying and borrowing and we reviewed measurement. She did SO well with all of this and we are ready to move on all except for her multiplication. So we are back to tossing the beanbag.

Today was Little Sis’s main lesson. This weeks theme was all about witches. First, we started with circle time(this has really become a favorite for Little Sis) where we recited Christine Natale’s verse Little Witch (message number 13581 in Waldorf Home Educators yahoo group). Then I brought out the beeswax.(Little Sis modeled the ghost). I also told the story, Kara, from simple kids, posted. This was a big hit but I think what made it even more fun was on the back of the pumpkins they decorated the inside of small witches house. Giving her and mouse beds with a fireplace, and a snuggle couch to warm by the fire and read a good story :).

If that wasn’t enough we made witch broom cookiesgluten-free style. We used this recipe (it doesn’t use any flour at all)with GF pretzels sticks. Here is the original recipe.

Miss Sky finished Boo… and I mean it and I read chapter 15 of The Witch family.

Witching everyone a ghostly weekend!


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