This Is Halloween !

We have been jamming quite frequently to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack these last couple of weeks preparing ourselves for the festivities to come (we our huge Tim Burton fans as well as Danny Elfman. Any Oingo Boingo fans out there? Call us nerds but Papa and I have made it a game of watching for Mr. Elfman’s name to come up when watching movies together, you would be very surprised to see just how much he has composed.)

Anyway as I have mentioned before ,this year I am going to take a more relaxed approach to homeschooling. I asked The Little’s what they would like to add more of this year and the answer was  more crafts and more games. I have to say I could not agree more. The Little’s have always loved to do crafts but last year I was so focused on getting the school year done I left out what we enjoy most about homeschooling. I have come to a conclusion that I will never be able to re create a Waldorf “school” at home and to be honest I don’t want to. Now don’t get me wrong I love Waldorf Education but somewhere I lost the reason WHY I chose to” homeschool”. I never wanted it feel like school at all. So this week we will be taking a little detour bringing in more Halloween fun to our “school” day.

It started over the weekend with a favorite family Halloween tradition.The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has become one of our favorite fall stories, with a reading every year before we head out to our local history museum for a reenactment.(Family memberships to local museums or  zoos make great Christmas gifts by the way :))This year since I have been reading The Witch family we had to settle for listening to it on on audio book.

The Little’s prepared most of the weekend with their own hayride.“We” have come to LOVE the puppet show as well as all the other activities.But I believe the haunted hayride ,with a chase from the headless horseman himself, still holds to be the favorite activity of the evening.(Poor Ichabod)

We could not have asked for a spookier nightAnd everyone made it home with their heads, well almost.Today after our walk we had circle ,keeping with this months list, but I added The Insey Weensy Spider fingerplay to the mix. Last year Miss Sky taught herself how to play Mary had a Little Lamb on the penny whistle, and we are using that tune to play the song Pumpkin Time on our penny whistle’s for Halloween.

We spent the afternoon making decorations getting ready for this weekend(Pumpkin Head) and finished with reading. Miss Sky read the first 2 chapters of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White (guess what this weeks theme is going to be 🙂 ) and I read to chapter 17 of The Witch Family.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday!

PS I am thinking of starting The Vimala Alphabet,  has anyone else done this and do you like it?


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