How Much Does It Cover ?

Happy November!

Well I decided after my last post not to listen to either of the two lectures I had listed but instead went with The Child’s Changing Consciousness. It was a good thing to because it was right in the middle of lecture 2 that this weeks lesson came to me.

I figured out why I could not bring this lesson to Miss Sky before. Though I knew it fit in well after our geography block, I couldn’t pin point “how” to tie it into the lesson without being dry and boring or what Waldorf folks call “dead”.

I am a firm believer in carrying a notebook around where ever I go because you never know when “spirit” may deliver a message. So you can imagine how many notebooks I have lying around for when inspiration strikes. Well I think it was in the middle of Steiner talking about learning through imitation during the first 7 years when a light bulb went off. I remembered how children during the 7-14 years learn through imagination and pictures and this is how I came up the idea to bring area and perimeter to Miss Sky (along with some help from Family Math).

Being a new month we first started our school day with new circle songs.

Fairy Ring (gathering verse)

Good Morning Dear Earth

I Go Outside With My Lantern

Down To Sleep poem by Helen Hunt Jackson (Marsha Johnson’s Files)

The Turkey (fingerplay)

Over The River and Through The Woods

Five Little Turkeys (fingerplay)

Autumn Leaves (fingerplay)

Miss Sky and I are practicing a Saint Martin song on our penny whistles and her memory poem this month is November Morning by Evaleen Stein (Found in Marsha Johnson’s files).

Next we started main lesson by looking at my chalkboard drawing of our home. (By the way for those of you strapped for cash like ourselves, I found a box of square chalk pastels by Sargent Art for less than $5 at our local United Arts and Education store.)

pictures 1177

I explained that area is the number of square units that cover the inside of a shape. I showed Miss Sky what a square foot was and we talked about how like when measuring the distance of travel is in miles instead of yards, that a very large space in measured by acres (there are 43,560 square feet in an acre). She drew a picture in her MLB, minus the numbers.

pictures 1182

Next we moved in the kitchen for some” hands” on activities.I had the Little’s trace and cut out the outline of their hands and using beans they filled in the area of their hand. I also took this time to do some whole to parts practice, I will be teaching prime numbers after this. We started with a small number first like 4 and I had Miss Sky come up with how many ways she could make 4 using the beans. For example 3+1, 2+2, 4×1, 2×2. Then we moved on to 5 , she caught on real quick we could not break 5 down as much as 4. We practiced with bigger numbers like 20 and moved on.

Next using square inches (1 inch graph paper cut up)Miss Sky found the area of different size books.

I will be using “our” home for inspiration this week to bring in pronouns  for grammar.

We finished with Miss Sky reading to chapter 8 of Charlotte’s Web and as for me, well we are stuck in Oz  there is no use trying to get around it. We have found ourselves comparing everything we read now to L Frank Baum (Thank you Mr. Baum for being such as great storyteller) and nothing seems to take its place. SO I read to chapter 7 of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday !


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