The Area And Perimeter Of “Our” Home

We have been blessed with such beautiful weather lately ,which has made it a bit difficult to focus on our studies. So we have been trying to sneak in as much sun as possible. The Little’s have been immersed  in play and I for one have not grown tired of it. (Harvey with his girls, always close by to make sure they are safe)

After listening to the first 5 lectures of The Child’s Changing Consciousness I have come to really treasure these moments before Miss Sky hits puberty. I have to say these lectures have really brought a change to the way I few childhood and I thank my lucky stars everyday I am able to see my children unfold naturally (not rushed by unnecessary intellectual concepts) right before my eyes.

Lectures 3 and 4 by far have so much in them I think I wrote a book while taking notes. I even detected Steiner’s sense of humor :). I love this quote ” And you may be sure if our methods of our present day educational system were healthier, far fewer men would be walking about with bald heads”.

I have also found myself questioning just where the concept of “natural”toys came from. So far in all the lectures I have listened to, I hear Steiner mention “open-ended” toys that allow the child to form  their own image during play. I have come to a conclusion that just because a toy is “natural” does not automatically make it an open-ended toy.

As far as lessons go, we have added the song twinkle twinkle little star (I really like this version) to this weeks circle . Miss Sky taught herself the tune to play on her penny whistle while we sing.

Yesterday for main lesson using my chalkboard drawing (see my last post)and 1 centimeter graph paper Miss Sky found the area of the different items of our home.

pictures 1186

For example lets say the windows (from the picture) are 3×3, she first drew the shape on graph paper then counted the spaces inside the shape, which was 9. Next she wrote in her math MLB the area of the windows in our home is 9 square feet.  She continued to find the area for the rest of the items in our home. I had her underline our and my in her sentences.

This helped when I introduced pronouns for our grammar lesson. I wrote the same sentence “the area of the windows in  ______ home is 9 square feet” on the board but wrote all of our names in place of “our”. Then I explained what a pronoun was. I have been using this poem to introduce the parts of speech and had her copy the pronoun part in her grammar MLB.

Today was all about perimeter. I explained that perimeter is the distance measured around the “outside” of a shape. Then using the same size graph paper, I asked Miss Sky if she thought the perimeter ,of my chalkboard drawing ,would come out the same as the area? She said the area would be more so (using the shapes of the windows again for my example 3+3+3+3) we worked the problem out. She found out the perimeter was more than the area in this case. She then wrote The perimeter of the windows in our home is 12 feet in her MLB. I asked why we were using  feet instead of square feet to measure perimeter and she said because square feet is to measure the space inside an object. I knew she had “grasped” it 🙂 and I had her come up with her own shapes on the board to find the perimeter. This math block has been a great introduction to long multiplication.

For grammar I had Miss Sky draw a picture of our family in her MLB. Then while looking at this picture I had her give me a list of all the pronouns that she could pull out from it.

pictures 1189

For reading Miss Sky read to chapter 11 of Charlotte’s Web. I am so glad I chose to have Miss Sky read this instead of myself. She is doing a wonderful job and it’s made me realize just how much I loved this story as a child. I read to chapter 11 of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. Okay I have to say I am really hoping for a rainy day very soon  so we can  spend the day reading the rest of this story. As of yet I can honestly say we could not tell you which one is our favorite, we have found favorite characters in each book.

Later tonight I had to smile, the Little’s were using graph paper to map out the different lands we have been to in the story. I asked why they were using graph paper to make a map, “So we can find out which land is bigger”.  Oh yeah, music to this mama’s ears.



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