Out And Back Again

Well I had a lesson all planned out for today but it just happens to be a certain Little’s birthday. Even though she will get “her” day tomorrow it just doesn’t seem fair to do lessons on the day of your birth :).  SO I guess my spectacular (wink wink) lesson plan will have to wait till next week.

We finished up our lessons on area and perimeter yesterday. We started our geography block working out from the schoolroom and ended this weeks lesson finding ourselves back in the schoolroom measuring out it’s perimeter and area. Using a tape measure Miss Sky and I first measured the perimeter of the room then measured out the closet. We found out the schoolroom is a rectangle with one side being shorter than the other and that the closet is a square with all sides measuring the same. We also found out the closets perimeter is the same as the area. She finished by making a page in her MLB.

pictures 1191

We hope to take the carpet out of the room very soon and explained finding the square feet of the room will help find how much flooring we will need to buy. I made this into a math problem by looking at the home improvement circulars finding what was on sale. I also set a budget of $100. This week they have vinyl flooring on sale$ .89 cents a square foot and ceramic tile $1.12 square foot. We found out the area of the schoolroom is 72 square feet plus 16 square feet for the closet. Using long multiplication we found out how much it would cost using the different tiles. We found both to be under our budget but I explained that the ceramic tile needs extra supplies to put in and that didn’t fit in our budget. So we would have to use the vinyl tile. We had a lot of fun with this and I told Miss Sky she could help pick out the flooring when we do rip out the carpet.

Now to get ready for the” party ” I have been so cordially invited to.Wishing everyone a great weekend !


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