Tangrams, Factors, Product,andPrime

Happy Martinmas !

This week wraps up our first math block for fourth grade. During this block I found some things that we most definitely need to work on. I found out Miss Sky has problems writing numbers once we hit 100, 000 and up. She has no problems reading them and has no problems with place value  but I soon realized there is a difference between writing and reading  numbers. I made a game up using this idea with dice (each color of the rainbow equaling a different place , for example red is units orange is ten and so on)in second grade so I will be bringing the rainbow board back out in our next math block tieing it in with our Norse mythology block.

I also made a set of tangrams , out of card stock from Family Math, to practice some geometric shapes.This was a HUGE road block, for Miss Sky anyway(Little Sis loved it). I will be honest and say I had a feeling Miss Sky would have  problems with this , that’s why I brought the subject up, because she was very late in being able to put puzzles together (like 8 pieces when she was 5). Little Sis was putting those together at 2 and has since moved on to 50 pieces (all on her own, she just turned 5).  I know all children learn different and I do not openly compare my children in any way (these are my homeschooling notes). We each have a special purpose here in this world, Miss Sky has a wonderful ear for music, but there are certain things  that all children must master in order to serve that purpose. SO we will be working with these over  Christmas break.

I introduced factoring and products by first finding the area and shape,using 1 inch square cubes, numbers make. This also paved the way to introducing prime numbers.Miss Sky numbered a large piece of paper 1-25. Then using 1 inch graph paper ,cut up, she made rectangles and or squares using that amount of cubes. For example for the number 4 she could make a square 2×2 and a rectangle 1×4 (1,2,and 4 are all factors of the product 4). She noticed that not all numbers could make 2 shapes. (*Note* in picture 9 only has 1 shape she realized her mistake when we went back over it after picture was taken).

Day 2 I cut up 50 cards ,using old water-color paintings, and numbered them 1-50 (these are the product). Then using whole to parts Miss Sky wrote the factors of each number on a piece of paper. For example 12=1×12, 6×2, 4×3, The factors of 12 are 1,2,3,4,6,and 12. Next I explained that a prime number only has 2 factors 1 (not  prime) and itself and she went back over her paper and circled all the prime numbers and made a page in her MLB.

pictures 1203

Miss Sky also learned her 9 times table and I filled them in on the board. .

pictures 1205

This will also be our last week for grammar until our next math block. Now that Miss Sky has mastered nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and knows that a sentence is a thought that starts with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark (period, exclamation mark, or question mark). I explained what subject and predicate is. For starters I had her draw a picture of herself doing anything she wanted in her grammar MLB. Then while looking at her picture I had her come up with a summary explaining what she was doing in the picture. I wrote her sentences on the board. For example I am singing on stage. I  explained that “I” is the subject and “am singing on stage”, is the predicate. I had her come up with more sentences and Miss Sky circled the subject and underlined the predicate. We will continue reviewing grammar during our language arts blocks , just not introducing anything new.

pictures 1201

For reading Miss Sky is on chapter 14 of Charlotte’s Web and I am on chapter 17 of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.

*As A side note* I am sure all of you are aware of Ancient Hearth’s lovely blog but just in case you have not seen this post I wanted to bring it to your attention. The Little’s (and myself 🙂 ) love Christine Natale’s stories that she has SO generously shared with us freely. Now we can do something to show her just how thankful we are ,by voting for one of Christine’s stories she has entered in a writing contest. You can vote here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Veterans day as well as Martinmas !


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