The Creation Of The Nine Worlds

I have decided to start our first Norse Myths block next completely straying from my original plans. Come to think of it the only block I have done according to plan was to start the year off with geography.That is why I don’t care to follow a curriculum because more than likely I wouldn’t use it, that’s just me though.

For our first Norse Myths block ,and being that the holidays are swiftly approaching, I thought we would work out of the creation story these next few weeks doing an introduction of all the gods and goddess . This way for our second block I can go right into the stories and hopefully Miss Sky can make the connection of who they are. I think this would also help to have her “companion book” for when we read The Children of Odin at the end of the blocks. So the creation story will be the only one I tell this block.

I an using the book Favorite Norse Myths by Mary Pope Osborne and this site . Since we will be talking about the Aesir gods and goddess this block I thought I would keep our focus mostly on Asgard.

After our walk we gathered for circle.

Fairy Ring (gathering song) I should add that we all take turns ,different days, being the fairy queen (yes me too 🙂 )who gets the wear the crown and a silk cape during circle. The fairy queen stands in the middle and we dance around them in a circle with silks while saying the verse.


Good Morning Dear Earth

Down To Sleep poem by Helen Hunt Jackson

The Turkey (fingerplay)

Over The River and Through The Woods (song)

Five Little Turkeys (fingerplay)

Five Little Leaves (fingerplay or more like movement with playsilks)

Autumn Leaves (fingerplay)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (song) Miss Sky plays along on her penny whistle while we sing.

We end circle with Miss Sky’s memory poem November Morning by Evaleen Stein and tongue twisters.

I want to add that circle time should be fun (not serious) to get warmed up for the main lesson. I think it is funny to call it circle time because we rarely are ever in a circle. I think I will start calling it movement time. The Little’s come up with their own movements for verses most of the time, I just keep them centered.

For main lesson I gave Miss Sky a new MLB and on the first page we started our table of contents page. In this MLB she keeps her spelling lists , vocabulary words (and definitions), her form drawings , and spelling tests.

For spelling I don’t “grade” her on tests this is more of a check in to see how she is doing. If she gets one wrong I write it correctly on the board and she copies it next to her misspelled word and we move on. I also like to keep records of progress not just for myself but in case I ever need to prove our lessons.

Next I showed her my drawing and told the story of The Creation of The Nine Worlds.

pictures 1226

I want to be honest here and say I kept my notebook with the pronunciations on my lap in the order they appear from the story (can you say Ginnungagap fast three times ?).

Then we moved on to Miss Sky’s spelling words.
















We marched while spelling each word out. Then we went over the list finding words inside each word. Like cry(stal) , this helps Miss Sky memorize the words faster. She wrote them in her MLB twice , first printing them once then once in cursive.

I introduced a “weaving form” for form drawing connecting it to the story of how the two worlds Niflheim and Muspell whirled around in the dark and dismal pit , faster and faster.

For reading Miss Sky read to chapter 16 of Charlotte’s Web and I read to 19 of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.

Wishing everyone a happy Moon day !


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