Odin, The Greatest Of All Norse Gods

Oh man I have been enjoying the seminars from The Waldorf Connection this week. I especially enjoyed the one last night about the four bodies given by Lynn Jericho. When coming to Waldorf education there are a lot of people who don’t quite understand the spiritual science behind the education and it can be very hard to explain it to those who have never experienced it before. I myself have been able to see everything that Mrs. Jericho so wonderfully explained last night.

Having children 20 (about to be 21 and out “finding herself”) , 10, and 5 I am very familiar with the changes brought on by the different bodies. I loved her example of  breathing in and out rhythms starting with the inhaling at birth and ending with the exhaling at death. I also loved her quote “If you want a happy marriage you must understand each others temperaments” this is SO true, knowing that Papa is melancholic and him understanding I am choleric has saved us many times from heated arguments. He has “come” to understand my need to tell him which lane to get in while driving (even though he has been driving longer than I)and I have “come ” to understand his sensitivity.

Lastly her talk about how even though our physical and etheric bodies may be older than our child’s ,our spirits are equal and that they are impacting us just as much as we are impacting them. I seriously could go on and on about this talk and if you missed it I would definitely purchase the download.

As far as lessons we are back to our 3 day rhythm of day 1 telling the story, day 2 Miss Sky telling me back the story and drawing a picture from the story, then day 3 summarizing the story in her MLB. Yesterday it was Miss Sky’s turn to tell me the story from Monday. She chose to do a puppet show. Okay she did terrible I think all the big words I used in the story Monday really threw her off. Well I had problems with the story. I am a believer that unless the story lives in me it will not “click” with my child. Yesterday was proof of that. She did however remember Odin creating the worlds with Ymir’s body, blood, hair, teeth, and brains, she had all these details down. I found it interesting she also repeated word for word of what I said about Heimdall, how he is keeper of the rainbow bridge and his sight and sound was so sharp. How his trumpet will announce the last battle between the gods and the forces of evil and bring total destruction of the nine worlds. I look forward to see which gods become her favorites. After her re-telling of the story I went over it again ,this time leaving out all the big words of the worlds and instead just said what they were like a region of fire and a region of icy mist. I could see the light bulb go off and she made her picture in her MLB.

Today we summarized the story on the board and she had it down (better than me , I had to look to make sure she was right) and she copied the summary in her MLB.

pictures 1229

Today , after she wrote her summary,I introduced Odin  greatest of all the Norse gods.  First  we listed on the board what she already knew about Odin from the story. Frigg ,his wife, and all his children Balder and Thor being his favorite. Then I told her about his 2 ravens, Thought and Memory, his 2 wolves who go everywhere with him and how he feeds them all his food since he only consumes wine. I also told Miss Sky how he got his one eye and that Wednesday is named after him.

I am doing something different this year instead of me putting a drawing on the board of each god for Miss Sky to copy. We will draw together our own pictures using the descriptions I give. I think it helps for her to have her “own” image of what they look like.

Yesterday I gave Miss Sky her vocabulary words and today she finished looking them up in the dictionary and copied the definition in her MLB..







For spelling yesterday she practiced her words by first looking at a word then closing her book and spelling it on paper then looking to see if she was right. Today she used bananagrams to practice her words.

pictures 1230

I am slowly handing over the responsibility of Miss Sky doing the majority of her school work on her own for when it’s time for Little Sis to start school. We will always have main lesson together but she can do the rest on her own while I am working with Little Sis’s main lesson. I am giving her more independent reading time besides our read aloud time. I feel there is a big difference in reading quietly and being able to read aloud. These are books of her own choosing ,not school related. She found a series she really likes.

Yesterday she practiced her form on her little chalkboard switching between right and left hands then tried it with her eyes closed. Today we practiced the form with our toes on the floor while standing.

We finished with reading Miss Sky reading to chapter 19 of Charlotte’s Web and I read to chapter 3 of The Family Under The Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson.




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