The Thankful Coat

I am finishing up Steiner’s lecture A Child’s Changing Consciousness and listened to lecture 6 last night. It is so ironic that this lecture is all about gratefulness and love because that is what today’s theme was for Little Sis’s main lesson. This was just the lecture I needed to hear right before we head into the holidays. There is so much in this lecture but my favorite quote has to be “Every education is self-education”. Okay I can hear all you homeschooling Mama’s out there going um YEAH, but to think that someone said this like 100 years ago astonishes me.

I know sometimes I  sound like an infomercial for Waldorf education but this is one of many reasons why I chose this path of education for my children. Not pouring in facts and testing to see what they remembered just to pass the test but awaking knowledge deep down from within. To instill in them the tools needed to educate themselves and then to get out-of-the-way :).

Yesterday Miss Sky told me all what she learned about Odin and I wrote her summary on the board for her to copy in her MLB then we went into the kitchen to draw our interpretation of what he looked like. I enjoyed this so much and feel like she really grasped her own image of who Odin was and think we will do this more even after the block is done.

pictures 1231

Today was all about Little Sis. I wanted to bring a story to  Little Sis that brought next weeks festivities alive without “explaining ” the history behind Thanksgiving . I mean she doesn’t know what a pilgrim is. So I thought I would focus on the “thankfulness” part instead. I found a lovely story called The Thankful Coat here. So after Miss Sky’s spelling test we gathered for a short “movement ” time focusing on our Thanksgiving fingerplays  and I told the story tweaking it just a bit ( The little girl being a fairy bringing a beautiful coat and David being a little girl with a dog named Harvey and having  big sisters). Then we went in the kitchen to make our own thankful coats.

pictures 1232

(Note * The only regret I have is not doing wet on wet painting. I thought we would try something different but found out we really enjoy wet on wet painting.)

I lead  into this lesson earlier in the week by starting The Family Under The Bridge. It amazes me how much more Miss Sky understands the story this year compared to last. We have been talking about it all week and she has volunteered to add this months allowance to the donation next week.

Earlier in the day I had printed this fill in story for Miss Sky to work on and to my surprise she was really excited to do it. She even wanted to put on a puppet show.She did a great job.

We wrapped up our day with Miss Sky finishing Charlotte’s Web. Oh my we had to pause a moment from all the waterworks to let the story soak in. “It not so much she died mommy but that she was all alone”. Thank goodness we ended the day with a happy ending as I finished The Family Under The Bridge.

Wishing everyone a great weekend !


2 Responses to “The Thankful Coat”

  1. Karen Says:

    Oh, you touched my heart. I am so glad that you all went to make your own thankful coats. Please stop by my blog, I am giving away free graphics for Christmas crafts. Oh, you are so blessed to be around little children. Thank you for your comment and the link to your beautiful blog.

    So lovely to meet you.


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thanks Karen for your sweet comment and for sharing your wonderful stories. My Little’s loved it, I can’t wait to share the rest of them.

      Lovely to meet you too ! 🙂

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